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  1. MattA

    Accenting in Odd Time Signatures

    I've found a small idea that I'm having fun grooving with at the moment and thought I'd share. I find it's helping my accenting and playing beats in odd time signatures. For instance ... play a beat (using your bass and snare) in an odd time signature that has 8 as the bottom number e.g. 5/8...
  2. MattA

    Drumming with watches, rings etc..

    Do you do it? Ever since I started drumming I've naturally felt better by taking any 'accessories' off my hands and wrists, even out of my pockets at times. I like to feel completely even while I'm drumming and even something heavy in one pocket can feel off putting to me. I was practicing...
  3. MattA

    Blindfolded Buying

    There are a few threads on the forum at the moment about asking for advice in the process of buying drums and cymbals: and There's some interesting points that I've taken from...
  4. MattA

    What's you take on Skype lessons?

    What's your take on Skype lessons? I haven't had lessons in a long time. I really want to get an expert eye on my technique and also to develop some more intricate concepts of playing. A lot of answers to questions on this forum relating to technique etc are to get some good lessons. I don't...
  5. MattA

    What time sig do you think 'The Pyramid Song' is in?

    I'm wondering what time signature you think The Pyramid Song by Radiohead is in? Or how you would count it perhaps... The drums kick in around the 2 min mark. Radiohead - The Pyramid Song
  6. MattA

    Polyrhythmic Groove Explanation

    I know there is often threads on polyrhythms asking for different advice or resources. I think this is because it's one of the less straightforward concepts within drumming. Browsing the net I found this page with a series of videos from Jason Gianni, who according to the page "is a full-time...
  7. MattA

    Good drummer ... Good dancer?

    It's no secret that playing drums well requires good rhythm. Dancing also takes good rhythm to do well. So by that logic, are good drummers good dancers? I'm looking for anecdotal evidence ...
  8. MattA

    What percentage do you practice bread and butter?

    As drummers, I'm sure most will agree that single and double strokes are our bread and butter. They are the fabric we use to weave magic on the drums. So as basic and essential these two things are, what would you say is the percentage of time you spend practicing them? I know sometimes we tend...
  9. MattA

    Good days/bad days

    Everyone knows we have them. Some days you sit behind the kit and inspired rhythms pour out. Sometimes it doesn't even feel as if the rhythm is coming from you but through you. These particular days your technique flows and it all grooves. Other days it feels forced. Nothing flows and it is as...
  10. MattA

    Clark Terry Doco - 'Keep on Keepin' On'

    A drummer friend of mine, Al Hicks, went to study jazz in New York after he finished high school. He met and struck up a great friendship with jazz legend Clark Terry. For those of you who don't know, Clark Terry played with the likes of Duke Ellington's band and was mentor to great names such...