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  1. Xcelerationrules

    Tama superstar shell construction

    Can anyone tell me which year all birch shells were replaced by the basswood and birch? Much difference between the versions? I have a superstar birch set and a hyperdrive set. Cant compare them as the hyperdrive shells on the toms are shallow. I know they are birch and basswood. I like the tama...
  2. Xcelerationrules

    Gretsch gold series Bought 4 of these babies. Heavy arse stave snare. A steal for $229.
  3. Xcelerationrules

    Identify this Gretsch drum

    Looks like birch. Approximate year of manufacture? Thanks.
  4. Xcelerationrules

    Gretsch Halogen finishes

    Anyone have pics or vids with the halogen finishes? I love the look of natural drums. Would be interested in seeing the halogen under stage lighting. Wonder if wraps sound different compared to their laquer counter parts?
  5. Xcelerationrules

    Gretsch Catalina Ash

    Any major differences between the older 2010 square badge models and the newer round badge ash series? looking at some used kits and just wondering if the shells and hardware are mainly the same. Thanks.
  6. Xcelerationrules

    Mounting gretsche toms

    Bought my first kit. Gretsche marque. Which stands do I need to mount the Tom's? Much appreciated.