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  1. taiko

    12" snare for jazz

    I've recently picked up a Canopus Maple 6.5 x 12 snare, largely because the black sparkle finish matches my Canopus club kit, and also because it's interesting. I'm just curious about anyone's thoughts about using this in a bop kit for trio jazz. I do a lot of brush work and don't have trouble...
  2. taiko

    AHEAD flat base hi hat stand

    HAs anyone had any experience with the AHEAD flat base hi hat stand? I can't find any reviews at all. I've ordered one, as I'm interested in this. But I'm curious to see if anyone else has used it.
  3. taiko

    George Way Copper Snare or Gretsch Copper Snare?

    I'm thinking about purchasing a copper snare and have been interested in the George Way 5.5 x 14 vs. the Gretsch 5 x 14. I'm curious if anyone has experience with either of these drums. I'm leaning toward the George Way, which has a nice review from DCP. I own a GW maple snare and it is...
  4. taiko

    Bosphorus New Orleans Cymbals

    I haven't seen a thread here on the Bosphorus New Orleans series cymbals, so I thought I'd start one. I've had a set of these for about a year and I really like them. I have the 22" ride, a 20" flat ride with three rivets, 15" hi hats, and an 18" crash. Overall, these cymbals have a dark...
  5. taiko

    Canopus RFM

    Over the years, I have often found myself looking for good reviews of Canopus drums. There are some out there, but they are limited. So, with this thread, I am going to devote some attention to the Canopus RFM kit I purchased about 6 months ago. This is my second Canopus kit; I had a Neo...
  6. taiko

    Yamaha FP720

    Hi all, I just picked up a Yamaha FP720 pedal in Tokyo. I have not seen this in the US and was wondering if anyone else has experience with this pedal. I'm carting it back to the US and will try it out when I get home, so I'm not sure what it's like. It was a bit of an impulse buy at about $150.
  7. taiko

    Sonor HiLite

    I've looked around the forum for a thread specifically on Sonor HiLite drums. I picked my HiLite kit up a few months ago and they are among the best sounding drums I've played. I have two other kits and I just default to the HiLites for every gig. I'm a jazz drummer and usually combine this...
  8. taiko

    Your impressions of Impression (cymbals)

    I just picked up a 22" Impression jazz cymbal. It's very light at about 2,000gm and has a wonderful dark, shimmering sound. I haven't had any time to really dig in to it yet, but I really liked the sound and think it will work very well for jazz trio and quartet work (which is largely what I...
  9. taiko

    DW Design Series Mini Pro Kit

    The last time I reviewed a DW kit, I got slammed for being a DW apologist, so I'm doing this at my own risk, I guess. If you hate DW, stop reading now--I liked the kit I'm going to review, so I am clearly badly biased and incapable of thinking for myself... I purchased a DW Design Series Mini...
  10. taiko

    ddrum Paladin

    I have not seen much on the ddrum Paladin line up here, so I thought I would offer a brief review based upon my experience with the Paladin maple bop kit. I picked up the kit from a local drum shop. Nice looking in natural wood finish with nickel finish on the hardware. The price was good...
  11. taiko

    DW Frequent Flyer Kit

    I've just purchased one of the first DW Design Series Frequent Flyer kits and thought I would offer my initial thoughts on the kit. It has a 12 x 20 bass drum, 11 x 14 floor tom, and 8 x 12 tom tom with 5 x 14 snare. The design is simple and aimed at being easy to use and carry. Construction...
  12. taiko

    DW vs. Canopus lightweight hardware

    I own sets of both Canopus lightweight and DW 6000 lightweight hardware. These are very similar, being flat-base stands and relatively light weight for gigging drummers. I thought it might be useful to provide a comparison. Overall, both Canopus and DW provide excellent hardware. Everything...
  13. taiko

    Gretsch New Catalina Club

    Has anyone seen the Gretsch New Catalina Club kits? They seem like basically the same as the old ones, with some changes in hardware and new round badges. I was wondering what anyone knows about them, as I am thinking about buying a kit with a 20 x 14 bass drum and these fit the bill. Thanks.
  14. taiko

    Gig vs. Studio kit

    I'm curious to get the opinions of others on this forum about gigging vs. studio kits. I have read many comments in various forums that X drummer keeps his/her best kit at home and gigs with a relatively inexpensive kit, like a Sonor bop kit or a Gretsch Catalina Club or whatever. I've owned...
  15. taiko

    Comparing Drum Companies

    Another thread in this forum closed today that had asked people to list the five "best" drum companies. Many people did so, while many others pointed out that this was a useless endeavor. The fact that the thread had quite a few comments suggests that drummers give this a fair amount of...
  16. taiko

    Canopus Neo Vintage M1

    There are not a lot of reviews of Canopus drum sets online so I wanted to add one here on the Neo Vintage M1. I recently purchased a used bop kit (12, 14, 18) and this is, quite simply, the best drum set I have ever owned (and I've had more than twenty different kits including Ludwig, Gretsch...
  17. taiko

    Gretsch Catalina Club Street

    Here is a review of the Gretsch Catalina Club Street. I purchased this about a month ago and have gigged with it once. Overall, I am happy with this drum set. The kit consists of a 6” x 10” tom, 11” x 13” floor tom, 12.5” – 14” x 16” bass, and 5” x 13” snare. The bass drum has metal hoops...
  18. taiko

    Taye Parasonic Review

    I recently purchased a Taye Parasonic with a 20 x 16 BD, 14 x 14 FT, and 12 x 9 and 10 x 8 toms. This is a great drum set below I will offer some of my general thoughts after about a week of playing the kit. I play jazz and bought this kit as a kit to keep in my studio. My regular gigging kit...