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    Remo Makes Things Right!

    Just wanted to share that I recently picked up some Vintage Ambassador heads for one of my kits. One of the heads would not tube up properly—it was dead on arrival. I bought the heads far away from home so returning it for a replacement was not possible. I contacted Remo in the hopes they would...
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    How to Ruin a Bearing Edge Without Trying--Tambourine on Rack Tom!

    I've been working on some grooves that involve laying a tambourine on my rack tom and hitting the tambourine rim with my sticks--cool stuff a la Eric Harland. Today I went to change the batter head and found that the tambourine had put some dents in the bearing edge on my Canopus tom. It's a...
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    Ludwig Signet 105--Deal?

    Local shop has a 20/12/14 Signet 105 in Teak with a few scratches on the mounted tom (demo). I can take it home with sales tax for $495.00. Thinking it would make a great gigging kit so my other studio queen kits aren't put at risk. Is this a deal, or are there issues with this "put it...