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  1. Croc

    Barrie Barlow 70th Birthday Greetings

    Don't know if this has been posted or not. Here is a series of tributes to Jethro Tull's Barrie Barlow on his recent 70th birthday.
  2. Croc

    Overhead Mics Only for Recording Practice?

    Hi All: I've read / heard that it is very beneficial to record drumming practice sessions for playback and critical evaluation. That said I would like to start doing so. But rather than making a relatively significant investment in mics for my rather large set, would it make more sense to...
  3. Croc

    Playing Out for the First Time in 40 Years!

    I attended a Music Masters camp last week at Full Moon in Big Indian, New York. The camp was led by 3 current / past members of King Crimson (Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, and Pat Mastelotto) and 3 “friends” (Markus Reuter, Julie Slick, and Tobias Ralph). About 60 campers ranging in age from 16 to...
  4. Croc

    ASIO Audio Drivers - Source?

    Hi Everyone! I am in the process of putting together a modest recording system for my electronic and acoustic drums. I would like to use an older laptop I have sitting around to start: what I don’t want to do is make a large investment in equipment only to discover the whole thing is too much...
  5. Croc

    Hotel Recommendation Near Martyrs' Chicago?

    Hi All! I plan to attend the Gavin Harrison Zildjian clinic sponsored by Vic's Drums in Chicago this coming Thursday. I really like Gavin's approach and am looking forward to this event! The clinic itself will be held at Martyrs' on North Lincoln Avenue. I understand this is in the area...
  6. Croc

    Positive Experience - The Cymbal House

    Hi All: I just wanted to pass along the very positive experience I had purchasing a new set of cymbals. I posted earlier that I am an old guy coming back to drumming after a long absence having given up drumming in the late 1970s for what I thought at the time were valid reasons: I pretty much...
  7. Croc

    Another New Member / Old Drummer

    Hi All! I’m a new member here. I posted in the Introductions thread some of the information below but will duplicate it here. I am in the process of returning to the acoustic drum fold after several years in the electronic drumming camp and a long absence from any drumming for 30+ years...