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  1. gusty

    Head suggestions for Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz?

    I need to replace the tom heads on my Catalina Club Jazz and I'm not sure what to choose...I want the drums to sound as big as possible (I know it's only a small kit) and I'l be tuning them low. Style of music is indie folk, similar to Of Monsters and Men and The Lumineers. My first thought was...
  2. gusty

    How can I assemble an auxiliary hi hat stand (no pedal attached)

    Looking to have a hi hat on my right side, not attached to a pedal so it will always be tight. I've got a few hardware bits and pieces lying around, is there a way to assemble something that will work?
  3. gusty

    Recommendations for a general purpose mallet for drum set?

    I want to buy a pair of mallets that will work well for cymbal rolls and that will also sound good when playing around the drums, does anyone have any favorite mallets for this?
  4. gusty

    Looking for big band play alongs with charts?

    Hey, I'm looking for play alongs and drum charts that I can get online, without having to pay for a full big band chart. I'm looking for jazz tunes, but also some pop and motown. Does anyone know of a website where I could get this?
  5. gusty

    Question for cruise ship drummers about practice on board

    I'm heading off on my first cruise gig soon, and was hoping to hear from a few people about a couple of things. How did you manage with practice on board? Did you find it easy enough to practice on the pad in your cabin? I've talked about this with my band and they're all happy for me to whip...
  6. gusty

    Practicing in an apartment without using an e-kit

    I want to find ways of being able to imitate the feel of a drum kit (mainly just bass/snare/hats) in a way that is quiet enough for an apartment. The best thing I can think of so far is to use a rubber pad for the bass drum, use a snare drum which is completely padded on the inside with towels...
  7. gusty

    Head choice for Gretsch Catalina Jazz, looking for a folk/pop sound

    I've been stuck in jazz so long I can't figure out what heads to buy for the type of music I'm playing now. I want a punchy bass (which I already have with the stock head, but suggestions welcome), full, tonal, short to medium sustaining toms, and I'm not actually sure what I want from the...
  8. gusty

    How do you manage to transport hardware without having it all in one super heavy bag?

    My hardware bag broke the other day due to too much weight in it (all of my hardware, which isn't all that much). It's way too heavy and uncomfortable to carry, has anyone come up with a solution for this?
  9. gusty

    Taking wrap off old + low end kit...will it affect the sound?

    I've got a Mapex UB kit that I've for about 9 years now, and I thought I might try taking off the wrap and refinishing it. My only question is, do you think the removal of the wrap will significantly affect the sound? I'm sure it will change a little, but I'd hate to get a really nice looking...
  10. gusty

    Looking for the best Melbourne teachers

    I'm looking to fly down to Melbourne a couple of times this year for a few lessons, any recommendations for great teachers? So far I've been told to check out Ben Vanderwal.
  11. gusty

    Looking for Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Slim Pad in Australia

    Does anyone know where I can buy one of these practise pads from in Australia? They won't ship from the many US websites I've looked at, can't find them on or in my local store.
  12. gusty

    2 questions about New York City - drinking age and whats on!

    I might be planning for a trip to NYC at the end of this year, but before I commit to going I want to know about rules concerning getting into pubs/venues. I know the legal drinking age is 21 (which I'm assuming is the minimum age for getting into lisenced venues) but I heard that some states...
  13. gusty

    Aussie drummers - second hand Catalina Maple price?

    To the Australian drummers out there - how much do you think a 2-4 year old second hand New Catalina Maple 6 piece would go for second hand here? What do they retail for?
  14. gusty

    Recommend me a kit! (criteria)

    Must be versatile, suited from jazz to rock 5 piece preferrable Something that I'm not going to be unhappy with in a few years Good enough for pro gigging/recording. Not talking world touring pros. No virgin bass drums, and floor toms must have legs! Probably thinking 20" bass I might come up...
  15. gusty

    Piano Trio Demo

    A few demo tracks for a restaurant/resort gig coming up soonish, not perfect but not too bad! Let me know what you think! Before you listen, just know that my solo on Spain is quite average. SoundCloud: Blue Bossa -...
  16. gusty

    Early Development of the Drumkit

    Does anyone know of any good books/websites/articles etc with solid information on the early development on the drum kit?
  17. gusty

    In-ear Metronome

    I'm looking at getting a Korg in-ear metronome. I see the advantages - small, easy to carry around in my cymbal bag, no leads which would be nice - but are there any disadvantages I'm not thinking of? I guess the only thing is not being able to put in ear plugs in one ear...
  18. gusty

    A few of my drumming issues

    I don't really like using the word 'issues' because it makes it sound like what I'm about to write is important in the big picture. Anyway...I apologise if this seems all over the place! First up - I'm halfway through my first year in a music uni course. At the moment, music feels quite...
  19. gusty

    Opinions on practising rudiments to music

    I tried this out the other day for about half an hour...just hitting play on my ipod and practising paradiddle-diddles along to tunes at different tempos (sometimes as 8ths, 8th triplets, 16ths...). The half an hour went past pretty quickly and it got me listening to some more music. Do you guys...
  20. gusty

    Looking for samba pieces played with brushes

    Hey guys, title is pretty self-explanatory. I'm wanting to play autumn leaves as a samba for an exam coming up, just looking for ways to add to my brush samba vocab. Thanks :)