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  1. BenjaminCamelot

    Groove oriented players you like?

    Ringo's a groove master in my book.
  2. BenjaminCamelot

    What kind of music do you traditionally play?

    At home, I've been finding myself playing mostly stuff from either Journey or The Beatles. I'll say I was pleasantly surprised at how ingenious of a pattern Ringo came up with for I Feel Fine. When I'm at school, it's mainly stuff for marching/concert band. I'm hoping I start drumming in jazz...
  3. BenjaminCamelot

    4-up, 2-down question

    Been eyeing Jonathan Moffett's kit from Michael Jackson's HIStory Tour and couldn't help but notice how his rack toms were set up. Can I get some insight on wether this would be a good set-up to try on my own?
  4. BenjaminCamelot

    Rare Jonathan Moffett Footage

    Sugarfoot recently posted some drum cams from when he was with Michael Jackson on the HIStory Tour. The concert shown in the videos is from Cape Town. He's playing Smooth Criminal, Scream, and a medley of They Don't Care About Us and In the Closet. The They Don't Care About Us/In the Closet and...
  5. BenjaminCamelot

    Snare Sound Issue

    Recently, I've been getting this odd tone out of my snare which I can't seem to remove. Whenever I go to re-tune my snare on the batter side (I tune it up about 3 full turns), some lugs will feel as if I cranked those lugs as tight as they can while the rest feel as if I tuned it correctly...
  6. BenjaminCamelot

    R.I.P Chester Bennington
  7. BenjaminCamelot

    Neil Peart Drum Solo

    I've been trying to master Neil Peart's work for a majority of my drumming career and there's one technique he does I've never been able to get that he does in his solos. In his solos, he does this thing with his bass drum and hi-hat where he is playing one bass drum and two hi-hats in a "bum...
  8. BenjaminCamelot

    Making of Neil Peart's R30 Kit

    I found this very interesting video today about the behind the scenes of Neil Peart's R30 kit so I thought I'd share it here with you guys.
  9. BenjaminCamelot

    Incredible Snare Sound

    Found this interesting video on someone demo-ing Coated Ambassadors on YouTube and needless to say, I thought it was a really incredible sound to be honest. I am also looking to get this killer sound as well.
  10. BenjaminCamelot

    Moving Pictures Isolated Drum Tracks

    Found this amazing gem on YouTube the other day and thought someone out there might take interest in it. As the title says, it's the entire Moving Pictures album but only the isolated drum tracks for each song. If anyone can notice in the video, Neil's hi-hats are much brighter than what you'd...
  11. BenjaminCamelot

    Fibes Snare Drum

    I found this very interesting video on YouTube of someone demoing a Buddy Rich Fibes snare and it almost sounds like the perfect snare sound to anyone. What's your guy's opinion on them? The video I found:
  12. BenjaminCamelot

    RTOM Black Hole Mesh Heads

    I found this interesting video about RTOM's newest product which is somewhat similar to Remo Silentstroke heads so I thought I'd share it with you guys.
  13. BenjaminCamelot

    Neil Peart Isolated Drum Tracks

    So today I was looking around at some Neil Peart drum tracks on YouTube just to see how Neil's drums sounded on their own and I was genuinely surprised to hear how different they sound compared to what it's like on an actual song. For example, I found the La Villa Strangiato drum track and the...
  14. BenjaminCamelot

    My Replica of Carl Palmer's Kit

    Usually in my spare time, I like to go fiddling around on the DW Kitbuilder page and just build whatever drum set I'd like to build and today, I thought I'd build my version of Carl Palmer's kit. Note that not everything is the exact sizes and some had to be substituted for other sizes so here...
  15. BenjaminCamelot

    9 Piece Kit Pros and Cons

    Ever since I got my drum kit, I always dreamed of having a 9 piece kit (4 rack toms, 6 toms, single snare, double bass) kinda like Lars Ulrich did. I happened to come back to that thought today while I was playing today and I thought to myself, what's some pros and cons of having a 9 piece set...
  16. BenjaminCamelot

    Udo Masshoff Snare Tuning Trick

    A while back, I found this interesting snare drum tuning track by Udo Masshoff and it's always intrigued me for some reason. Here's a link to the video: Let me know what you guys think of the trick.
  17. BenjaminCamelot

    No More Octopad In Guitar Center Drum Off

    Anyone else besides me glad that the Octopad isn't in the Guitar Center Drum Off? I know I am because during the years it was in the Drum Off, it basically almost became the "Octopad Off" because in every part off a drummer's segment, it felt like you HAD to use the Octopad because if you...
  18. BenjaminCamelot

    Pro-Mark Long Sticks

    Does anyone else know about Pro-Mark making these "Long" sticks where it's I believe either a 5A, 2B, 7A, or 5B ranging from 16 1/8" to 17" because I can't find them anywhere on Pro-Mark's website about them or anywhere else other than where I found out about them, on their Instagram. So if...
  19. BenjaminCamelot

    RIP Debbie Reynolds

    Well, I didn't actually think this was going to happen, but Debbie Reynolds died today almost 24 hours after her daughter, Carrie Fisher died. These two were some of the greatest actresses Hollywood had to offer and now they're gone. 2016 hasn't been that much of a great year for celebrities...
  20. BenjaminCamelot

    My Pearl Export

    Well I don't think I've ever showed anyone my drum set before so I thought I'd show it off here. I know the location of it's a little awkward but I'll get it a new home in the future. Here's the link: