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  1. Kenflux

    hi hat jingles/ Jewellery - Hiatus Kaiyote

    Hi guys, been watching this Live clip of Hiatus Kaiyote, totally immersed in the drummers playing and the little things he has sitting on top of his hi hat and stack- can't figure out if it is just jewellery he bought somewhere or a product I can find and buy somewhere. I have tried a few...
  2. Kenflux

    just getting used to my new Gretsch Renowns

    was in the rehearsal studio on saturday and thought i would try out my new camera and hear how my new kit sounds through it, im still dialing in the tuning. Gretsch Renown RN1. brand spanking new, haven't even gigged em yet. I got them to replace my old Gretsch Catalina kit which i...
  3. Kenflux

    So this is my playing, I may have overplayed a little

    Hey guys kind of new here (well i have been reading it for a while) but i thought i would just put this out into the world and see what drummerworld drummers think. old cd recorded last year, still proud of it but new songs are cooler. i moved towns halfway down Australia to create this...
  4. Kenflux

    Well here i am

    Hi guys, been reading for a while and decided i should stop being a lurker been drumming for 15 years give or take a few where i gave it up to travel (hard to backpack with a drum kit) play in a blues/ rock band in Newcastle Australia. spent alot of my time in Hardcore punk/ metal bands...