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    My band!

    Hey guys, I haven't posted here in forever and now that I have time I'm catching up. I started a band at the beginning of last summer and figured I would post some of our stuff. Here is our EP: I think it's an okay representation of us, hopefully one day we...
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    Help me identify this snare!

    Hey guys, So i haven't posted here in a long time, but I'm hoping to start up again now that I have some time. I recently somehow lost my snare stand in transportation from a gig or something and was looking on craigslist for a cheap new one when I stumbled across this...
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    Bluesish jam/trading fours

    First off, I want to give a special thanks to bobdadruma for helping out with the tech stuff. This is a jam me and two friends put together on our first day playing together. They wrote a riff based on the 12 bar blues progression and I arranged the song. It doesn't really sound that bluesy but...
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    Evans G Plus

    So I have searched on here with the search function and for a couple minutes browsing and shockingly nothing on these heads. I'm changing heads and I was thinking of trying them out, because I like the openness of 1 ply and the deep of 2. And with the coated fusion pack an extra snare head is...
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    Drummers Worst Nightmare

    Sooo, I have a basketball game last night, go up for a block,come down and dislocate my knee for the 4th time, annnnd broke my right wrist, yipee! So I can't do anything invlving running or with two hands. I also am in high school and cant write. But the iportant thing, is there anything I can...
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    Band Stagnation

    So I went to practice with my kinda band, a guitar player a singer and were attempting to set up with a bass after we didnt like the first. We've only done it 3 times, first was short but good, played like 4 covers learned em all. 2nd time, not so good, bass confused, attempted writing a song...
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    acrolite/Craigslist help!

    So I'm interested in the acrolite, heard there good around here, and I was wondering if you could help me identify these as hopefully it. Theres also a Chad Smith sig for 80 but I dont think there as versatile. Also, any opinions about acrolites or anything welcome. Thanks...
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    Making Drumless Tracks

    Anyone know how to remove the drum part from a recording? I think there is a way, I wanna do it and put the music into a video with me playing to see how I'm playing, thinking about some older jazz which probably wouldn't help seperating the pieces but I'm not sure. Any ideas?
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    Coating Sticks

    Allright so last night my teacher said he played at a gig with someone else's sticks, and they dipped them with something like polyeurithane? He said like Regal Sticks used to be like back in the day. He said it made them less slippery, and slowed the wearing down of the top of the sticks, and...
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    Vintage Zildjian A

    I found an add for a 1960s era Zildjian A 20 inch ride with 8 holes for rivets for 130 dollars. I don't know much about old Zildjians and was wondering if this is a good deal and good for my type of sound. I play mostly soft/acoustic rock, jazz, and some funk. If I had to pick my ideal sounding...