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  1. HeadRush

    show your drum room/studio/whatever you call it

    here is mine. I've been collecting recording gear, guitar gear, drum gear, and all that fun stuff for years and somehow I've managed to fit it all in my room and keep it livable. this is only half of my room. the other half is just a closet, a bed, and four or five guitars and their cases...
  2. HeadRush

    tore my Paiste Alpha fast crash

    this is a major bummer. I have played this cymbal well but it finally decided to turn it's tiny hairline fracture into a two inch tear from the outside. made a BAD rattling noise until I had to swallow my pride and bent one of the sides of the tear up so the pieces aren't touching. but... this...
  3. HeadRush

    My band at our school talent show

    I first must say that I am not the drummer but I am in fact the front man. one thing about this particular band is the fact that I have finally found a group of people I can play confidently with and can really trust to keep playing good music. I find this to be a major step in becoming a better...
  4. HeadRush

    Eric Kuhn

    anybody heard of him? he is in the bands Silian Rail and Built for the Sea if you haven't heard of him, I think he is just one of the best drummers I've ever heard. definitely check him out.
  5. HeadRush

    what is the definition of a professional musician?

    I've been wondering what exactly makes a professional, professional. does it have to do with the amount of money they make, hours in the studio, how much they have toured? in the past two weeks, I have spent about 8 or 9 hours a day in the studio (converted garage) writing and recording for a...
  6. HeadRush

    Millennium High School Jazz Band

    so at both of the shows my school's jazz band has played, my dad has taken video of our playing he has pretty much dedicated his youtube page to the jazz band so you should check it out, as you would expect, I am the drummer haha the videos with only the red set are from our first show and the...
  7. HeadRush

    great deal!.. and bass front head issues

    a few days ago I picked up a wonderful deal! I went to Guitar Center to pick up a pair of sticks and found something I really didn't expect. I was searching the four dollar pile and saw what looked to be a bass head hiding behind everything. I reached back and saw it was a pearl logo front head...
  8. HeadRush

    Hydraulic Bass Front Head

    On my 22" bass drum I've really been having trouble getting the tone I want out of it I have an Aquarian head (not sure exactly what model but it has muffling) on the batter and an Evans Hydraulic on the front head the sound that I'm going for is an open and somewhat resonant boom with a little...
  9. HeadRush

    a jazz show about a week ago

    so this was my school's jazz band in our first show we had only had 7 rehearsals and it was my first time really playing jazz haha this first one is a song called "Cycle" in which I am featured in a 16 bar solo this second one is a...
  10. HeadRush

    Bass drum click

    I have noticed that a great deal of people like this but I don't really understand the appeal of just hearing a click when the bass is hit can someone explain to me what is so great about it? or maybe do any of you agree with me that it doesn't sound particularly good? sorry if this topic...
  11. HeadRush

    Carpal Tunnel

    over my years of drumming, I have developed carpal tunnel because as a young drummer I used terrible technique. This was also brought on from playing other instruments like guitar. I guess a reason I used bad technique was that I had no formal training at all. I would like to know if anyone...
  12. HeadRush

    upbeat 3 4 jazz solo

    today, I am performing with a jazz band from my school and I need to come up with a really good upbeat (about 170 bpm) 3 4 solo. I've been working on it for a little while but I've been having a great deal of trouble on finding a good sound and feel for it. any ideas on what I could do to help...
  13. HeadRush

    bearing edge frustration

    I have been really frustrated with my PDP bearing edges especially on my twelve inch tom there is a flat place on it where one of my lugs is it makes tuning very very difficult anyone else have this same problem?
  14. HeadRush

    Multi-Instrumental people

    I was just wondering how many drummers don't spend all their musical time with drumming? and what other instruments do you all play? At the moment, I know how to play guitar keyboard and bass and am in the process of learning trumpet. and I can pretty much play all of those well enough to play...
  15. HeadRush

    interesting micing techniques

    I'd like to know some ways all of you have miced your drums one I've thought of is puting a single mic in the other room another is just puting a mic inside a bass drum that you don't use, and that really makes the bass boom. I've been wanting to experiment with other techniques that give me...
  16. HeadRush

    18" bass/floor tom

    I would love to have an 18" bass and what I would like to do is use a double pedal and but the slave by my main bass and put the 18 beside my floor tom maybe. but my main issue is finding an affordable bass drum. where should I go to find one?
  17. HeadRush

    gong drum

    I have an extra old 22 in. bass drum that I am attempting to use as a gong drum right now I have an evans eq4 head on it and it just doesn't sound right to me. also I need a good inexpensive mounting system for it any ideas on what I should do?
  18. HeadRush

    Sabian HHX Evolution

    I'm thinking about saving up to buy a sabain hhx evolution 18" crash but I am not completely sure if they are worth the hefty $250 price tag I am just completely in love with the sound that they have does anybody know of a cheaper 18" thin crash that can get a deep and full rounded tone? because...
  19. HeadRush

    I broke my snare throw off

    broke a bolt on my wood snare so I put my wires and snare side head on my extra steel snare and I love it now I just need to fix my wood one how should I go about doing that? should I get a whole new throw off? (I honestly don't like the one I have) or should I just try to work with what I...
  20. HeadRush

    christmas presents

    what did everyone get? I got some awesome zildjian new beat hi-hats and a tama throne