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  1. belairien

    Fixing a small crack in my china

    Easy peasy. Practically didn't even need to file or sand, but I hit it with some fine grain sans paper.
  2. belairien

    Fixing a small crack in my china

    Cool. I will drill it in the morning then. I usually use them on fx enclosures, should be a piece of cake :D
  3. belairien

    Help needed on setup

    As stated earlier, 2 ply up top, 1 ply bottom. I like single ply and single ply center dots for snares myself. For toms and kick, I tune like this guy. It's easy to do when its loud before a gig, and I can do a quick fine tune during sound check lol. Snare is more personal. I typically crank...
  4. belairien

    Fixing a small crack in my china

    Noticed a small crack forming in my china. I don't use it much, and don't feel like buying a new one. It's on the inner bow. It's small, and kind of spider webbing, looks like something impacted it at some point. Ot about half an inch in diameter. Think a step bit should suffice? I only ever...
  5. belairien

    Yamaha finish touch up (what top coat/products to use to fix minor damage)

    Oh the joys of gigging. I have a few nicks and scratches in the kick of my stage custom kit. I know how to do general finish repairs but I am not sure what Yamaha uses for their clear coat. I went natural for easy repairs. I'm not looking for a 100% flawless finish, just looking to blend in the...
  6. belairien

    Hey DW family, long time no see!

    Hey drummerworld family. Been a long time since I've been on here. Figured I would share my updates drumming wise. Been gone because my band has been busy. Writing, playing shows, getting connections etc... Playing further and further out. Adding more grove tomy bands thrash style. Getting...
  7. belairien

    GOT FREE stuff from Evans/D'Addario! Player's Circle rewards

    Been saving up some points in their Payer's circle. Mostly from string purchases, but with the purchase of my Stage Custom, and full set of heads, Got a boat load of points. Using those, I got an EQ pad and some Rebound Active Grip sticks to try. (haven't tried the rebound or active grip, so...
  8. belairien

    Just joined the Stage Custom club :)

    So after a while with the Element birch kit I had, I learned I didn't care for the separation of the 12 and 16 toms, plus missed the extra voice of a 10 on my last kit. So I figured I may as well see about trading into an Armory kit in fusion sizes. So off to guitar center I went. Ended up...
  9. belairien

    Got another free cheapo kit refinished

    Well I got another free kit that I refinished. Went with a cloth wrap I got on sale at a fabric store. They had a cool one with octopus all over it (similar to the one on the. Kraken rum bottles) but there wasn't enough left so I went with a blue and grey cotton broad cloth. 10 bucks covered the...
  10. belairien

    Stronger tension rods?

    The snare that came with my kit, a Ludwig element birch, eats tension rods. So far I've had them replaced twice, once under warranty which is over now. The second time I also replaced the swivel nuts with rods from DFD. They aren't stripping or snapping, but the threads have bent downwards. I...
  11. belairien

    Refinished Ludwig Accent

    So the little free kit I got is coming along. Plugged all the holes. Wrapping in a sparkle upholstery vinyl. Its looking good. Butt jointed the seams. Used spray adhesive. So far so good. Got the kick and snare left. Photos show the 13 inch tom. Only had an old snare head in that size so...
  12. belairien

    New Cymbals Incoming!

    Ordered a couple sweet cymbals from Sweetwater. AND got 10 dollar 2 day shipping so I will get them in time for my next show on Saturday! I will review when I get and play them Ordered a 21" Sabian AA Bash ride in brilliant finish, and a 19" AAX Xplosion crash. Been eyeballing both for ages...
  13. belairien

    I prefer cheaper woods over "good" woods, am I losing it?

    So over the years, ive messed with maple and birch kits, currently playing a birch kit, yet I find myself longing for the sounds I could get out of lower end kits. I may be crazy, but I really love the way kits made of poplar/luan/basswood sound. To the point that I am strongly considering...
  14. belairien

    Drum Wrap Butt Joint

    I am working on restoring a free cheapo kit, finally picked the wrap material and such, but I have one question I need answered before I wrap. I want to butt joint the seams. I am going to be using some sparkle vinyl upholstery for the wrap, and I am not sure of the durability of that kind of...
  15. belairien

    Drum Refinish

    What's up drummerwold family? Long time no see. Been busy with life/work/music. Deciding to jump back in here with a little project. And it will be slow to update. So I just scored a free drum set! Nothing special, just a Ludwig accent combo. But hey it was free! Friend was trying to get it...
  16. belairien

    Playing with my band Graveburner

    I never really post the things I play, so here is a song my band played live recently. Both guitarists had a bit too much to drink IMO, but we pulled it off.
  17. belairien

    Might trade my cymbals in for Zildjian s series

    I hit a few yesterday and liked them. Mostly the hats 18 crash and 22 ride. Been really wanting a 22 inch ride. I know sound is what matters but currently I'm rocking a Mastersound hats, a 20 inch aax aero crash and a 20 inch Paiste t20 prototype ride. Not sure if it's cost effective to down...
  18. belairien

    Getting gravity blasts heard live?

    So I am playing a larger festival on Saturday, but I have no idea who the sound man will be, or what he would plan to mic. My band is planning on debuting a new song during this show, and a technique I will be using in it doesn't quite push volume wise. Normally for me, your run of the mill...
  19. belairien

    Happy Birthday Bermuda!

    Saw Ludwig's post on Facebook, and none on here yet. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a great drummer and a great member of the Drummerworld forum team!
  20. belairien

    Some Vater Love

    It's always hard finding the right stick. There are the factors of size, weight and material... Durability and price. For me that has been found in Vater 5b. These last couple years using them, they last like oak without the weight, they are a great length and diameter. And most of all, they...