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  1. MrPockets

    Post your Gig Pics

    Adventures in ana-digi set up for a song
  2. MrPockets

    Seiko Metronome Watch

    Looks kinda cool
  3. MrPockets

    Started wearing compression socks today.

    I wear them out of medical necessity. I generally use Sigvaris because that is what the supply store has.
  4. MrPockets

    What shoes do you wear for drumming?

    I wear either Allen Edmonds dress shoes, Rebook Classic Nylon, Puma Speedcats, clown shoes, or flippers.
  5. MrPockets

    Anyone recommend a decent drum throne brand?

    I think for some people the twisting motion is bad for their spine. Basically it depends on your body structure.
  6. MrPockets

    Ignorant Noob Question... Again. Is This "A Thing"?

    You are putting a lot of weight on a small hinge which is bad generally speaking.
  7. MrPockets

    Closest your car was parked to where you set your kit up for a gig?

    This weekend it was about 5 feet. Played on the curb next to the parking spot. Backed in and got my stuff out real quick with no hassle.
  8. MrPockets


    Roland TD-20 that goes through a PA
  9. MrPockets

    Snare buzz
  10. MrPockets

    Stewart Copeland on Jazz...

    I 100% think he talks about jazz like that as a bit to be funny.
  11. MrPockets

    For one song?

    I added a china for a gig I only hit once. It was a really important accent hit.
  12. MrPockets

    Headphone Monitors/ In Ear Monitors ?

    I dont get this. for monitoring purposes our Allen & Heath and Axiom combo is basically plug and play.
  13. MrPockets

    Who needs sheet music when you have manatee facts?

    I don't know who put this here but it has there for months.
  14. MrPockets

    Headphone Monitors/ In Ear Monitors ?

    Shure 215s have been great for me...
  15. MrPockets

    Thomas Lang subscription?

    I'm sure he repackaged because people like my perc instructor thought Creative Coordination lessons were one trick pony stuff that wasn't that 'musical'.
  16. MrPockets

    Megadeth - Hangar 18

    Dave would say your bass drums are stepping over the groove but good drumming!
  17. MrPockets

    Mixing and Matching hand techniques

    You have two hands so using two different hand techniques on each hand depending on context is the way to go.