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  1. Derek Roddy

    Derek Roddy here!

    Hello everyone, Dang its been a good while since Ive posted. Haha. Lost my sign in and found it on an old hard drive. Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone and have a Merry Christmas Cheers D
  2. Derek Roddy

    Anybody in the UK?

    Hey Guys, I'm going to be in Bristol UK from the 12th til the 17th. I'm playing the local Bristol Metal Fest with Nader Sadek. I would be very keen on hooking up with some of you guys to kill some time, maybe offer some private lessons, etc. I'll have a rehearsal area that I will be...
  3. Derek Roddy

    Do (Can?) Blast Beats groove?

    Here's a topic that comes up quite often and I thought I'd share my thoughts on the subject. Any of that make sense? haha. Cheers, D
  4. Derek Roddy

    Drum Sounds? Here's a short video I made yesterday. I'm still dialing in the new room but, this is getting real close to what I like in my sound. I'm only using a buss compressor for the overall mix and very little reverb....just to glue the kit down. Mic's are...
  5. Derek Roddy

    Derek Roddy here!

    Here's another video for you guys.....sounds much better. This is a mashup video of some Nader Sadek songs filmed during our rehearsals for the Mexico dates in April 2016. There is no editing and these are just raw audio tracks. Individual songs are available at my websites...
  6. Derek Roddy

    Anyone in the NYC, NJ Long Island area...

    Anyone in the NYC, NJ, Long Island area and looking for some clinics to attend, myself and John Favicchia will be performing a few this coming weekend. Would love to see some of you. Cheers, D
  7. Derek Roddy

    rare yamaha stage custom ive bought

    Your drums are first generation Stage Customs made in 1996. They moved to indo (if memory serves me correctly in the late 90s / early 2000s...I could be wrong there). They are the same construction as indo made drums. Mix birch and Philippine mahogany. I'm going of my retail experience of when...
  8. Derek Roddy

    Our second Debut video "Painted Rust"

    Hello everyone, My band "Menace" 2nd debut video for the song"Painted Rust" has been released. Check it out if you have a second and please share. This video blew me away when I first saw it....hopefully it will you too. I've honestly never seen anything like it...
  9. Derek Roddy

    New band video debut...

    Hey guys, I just got word that our official music video has been released and, I wanted to share it with you all because it's not something drummers are used to hearing me play. Haha. Thought y'all might dig on it. The band is called MENACE The song is "I live With Your Ghost" Enjoy and rock...
  10. Derek Roddy

    Keep It Simple...

    Well, not too simple! Haha. Andy, I thought you'd get a kick out of this as nobody really gets to see me play on the "spur of the moment" without it being fast metal. LoL. I had a bass player friend (Todd Edmonds) come in town to do a un-related recording. Figured while he was around we'd...
  11. Derek Roddy

    Derek Roddy clinic Rupps Drums 8/21/2013 If any of you local denver guys can make it....would love to meet up and talk drums. Have a few days of lessons after as well if anyone is interested. Cheers, D
  12. Derek Roddy

    Free Lesson from

    Here ya go guys....enjoy. D
  13. Derek Roddy

    Lessons with Derek Roddy

    Hello everyone, I made a post regarding my new lessons site on my profile page but, thought I'd add it here as well. This site is a spinoff of my original Artisan Foundry Lessons Forum and is designed to help your...
  14. Derek Roddy

    Tony Williams

    That was from the live at the blue note New York. A buddy of mine had it on VHS and he transferred it to DVD and gave me a copy. I'm sure if you looked hard enough.... Somebody has it for sale somewhere. Haha. D
  15. Derek Roddy

    Tony Williams

    I have this on DVD and I find myself watching it more that most other "drummer" videos I have. The whole set is just killin' Tony was a magical doubt. Four and more changed me in so many most of us I'm sure. And yes, the Tommy Flanagan recording is great as well. You're...
  16. Derek Roddy

    My new band.... For those interested...I have a new band I'm working on. Check it out. We are still looking for a suitable name, bass player and vocalist. More progress videos as they happen and we should have a release out by...
  17. Derek Roddy

    Derek Roddy/Serpents Rise DVD preview Here's a Serpents Rise song off of my upcoming DVD "Playing with your Drums" from Hudson Music. Hope you enjoy the noise!!!! D
  18. Derek Roddy

    Derek Roddys...Playing With Your Drums DVD

    Hello everyone....just wanted to post a quick thread and teaser about my up coming DVD "Playing With Your Drums". Give it a look and tell me what cha think! (I know there isn't much you can tell from...
  19. Derek Roddy

    Serpents Rise II (free for download now!!!)

    Serpents Rise suggest downloading all the songs, THEN....listening to the entire recording. The work is intended to be seamless....and, taken in as one body of music. We hope you enjoy....and, interpret.
  20. Derek Roddy

    Derek Roddy Australian clinic tour 2012

    Hey Guys, just got some dates for my Australian clinic run late April/early May. Hopefully, I'll get to meet up with some of you guys again. Would love to hang. Saturday 28th April – Geelong - performs at Drumania – Afternoon event at this stage – confirmed Monday 30th April – Launceston...