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  1. Drumz

    Need help with Ludwig Superphonic LM400 snare drum please...

    Awesome! I thought it might be a tuning issue after all, but I didn't want to confuse you by throwing too much information at you at once. Glad you got it sorted. If you EVER experience the loosening snare throw issue, just remember there are third party throw replacements that are superior to...
  2. Drumz

    Need help with Ludwig Superphonic LM400 snare drum please...

    I have four Ludwig snares. Two are older...made in the mid 90's. One was made in the early 2000's. One was made about 4 years ago. The two newer ones were great out-of-the-box. No issues. Both 90's snares had throws that sucked. Specifically, they would start out sounding "ok" and then after a...
  3. Drumz

    How do I get this specific awesome snare sound??

    Here ya go. Best video I've seen on getting that specific sound.
  4. Drumz

    My INDe Adventure!

    I love love LOVE the look of INDe drums and their design philosophy. I only wish they would let me order them in the dimensions I want.
  5. Drumz

    Throwing good money after budget drums?

    I have owned all kinds of kits through the years. Asian stencil kits. Cheap Taiwan made kits. VERY high end kits. Custom made kits. And everything along the spectrum between. And I have some fairly unorthodox opinions on this subject. I own a low end kit made by a big name. It is an imported...
  6. Drumz

    Do they make a single in-ear monitor for just one ear?

    Just a caveat/word of warning. Wearing just one side of an iem CAN lead to hearing damage. Basically, you will find yourself cranking the volume too high to compensate for the room sound in the other ear.
  7. Drumz

    Anyone here play a 13", 14", 16" setup?

    Close. My current gigging config is 14x11, 15x12 and 16x13 with a 24 inch kick. I've always been a one up/two down kind of guy and like PorkPieGuy I use the 'Three Blind Mice' tuning interval.
  8. Drumz

    Pork Pie Copper - wow

    I absolutely love all four of my Pork Pie snares! Now, thanks to you, I will make it five! My wallet hates you! :-)
  9. Drumz

    What are you listening to right now?

    Dream Theater - A View From The Top Of The World
  10. Drumz

    Sticks for mellow articulation on ride.

    Maple sticks. Any maple sticks of any length or diameter will sound MUCH softer/mellower on cymbals. Of course, maple is also MUCH softer, so maple sticks are not as durable as harder woods.
  11. Drumz

    Why don't many Pro Drummers use Electric Drums?

    Wow! So much to unpack here. As to why you don't see many actual e-kits (trigger pads) on stage in a professional setting, I think bermuda pretty much nailed it with his initial post. 1. The kits themselves just cannot hold up to the night-after-night punishment which a touring rig MUST be...
  12. Drumz

    A lesson on how to groove (for a 75.000 people gig) this is..

    First of all "it's not at all true to the original" is false. It is very MUCH true to the original. He just takes a little bit of creative license with the original. I have found that with most "pro level" gigs, the artist actually encourages you to add little embellishments and flourishes to...
  13. Drumz

    Snare drum question...

    Nice. What seller did you purchase it from?
  14. Drumz

    Snare drum question...

    Wow. Thanks. Goes to show how a photo can "fool" the eyes. Should have caught the fact that the badge was bridged across the bead. Thanks again.
  15. Drumz

    Snare drum question...

    So I'm wondering if anyone has a definitive answer to this. Honest question. Are these all just the same shell rebranded with slightly different hardware?
  16. Drumz

    Cutting a hole in the bass drum...How big, methods etc...

    Go to any art supply or decorating store that sells Fiskars gear and buy the Fiskars Circle Cutter. I bought mine on Amazon. It's fully adjustable from 1" to 8". Place your drum head on a hard...
  17. Drumz

    What's your latest purchase?

    Absolutely LOVE the look! Drum specs please, if you don't mind.
  18. Drumz

    Does this look like a good deal... I love the vintage-y look of the kit. I think this set normally goes for around $1600 retail. If so, that's a pretty significant discount. What do you guys think? Worth dropping the cash on?
  19. Drumz

    Buying a new kit soon...need some advice...

    I'm just hammering out the details in my mind and I'd like some professional advice. I've decided to buy a pretty large kit. Three up/two down toms. And I'm just pondering the rack tom selection. I have a choice between... 10x8, 12x9 and 13x10 OR 10x7, 12x8 and 13x9 For years now I have...