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  1. dwsabianguy

    Post your Gig Pics

    Yes indeed! I brought all this crap to a music venue because I've lost my damn mind.
  2. dwsabianguy

    Todd Sucherman Sabian Sessions Ride NOW AVAILABLE!

    2112 got two of the first run rides and I thought they were fantastic. Like a happy middle ground between the 22" Legacy Heavy and 22" HH Rock Ride. And since Todd's coming back for a clinic on June 12th it looks like the shop now has ten of this second run! I'm looking forward to hearing them.
  3. dwsabianguy

    What's your latest purchase?

    As usual, more studio improvements. Two 1073 units from Stam Audio (which sound absolutely incredible) and a second AEA RPQ2 ribbon mic pre. Two channels of thick vibe, and two channels of clean, low-noise honesty. The 1073s will be all-purpose recording and mixing channels and the RPQ2 will be...
  4. dwsabianguy

    BIG NEWS: Pearl FINALLY Makes an L-Arm Tom Holder

    Must have been Pete then. They stick out about the same distance when it's all said and done. You have the space for the lug, then the mount bracket, then a pretty large wing nut. And yes. I don't want a suspension/isolation mount to cause any change in sound when the drum is mounted to a...
  5. dwsabianguy

    BIG NEWS: Pearl FINALLY Makes an L-Arm Tom Holder

    Might have been Jörg? Our resident chrome dome German homie. Personally I think they're just okay. They take up less space than a RIMS in the setup but I don't think they sound as good, and they do stick out pretty far. I do have and love the kick spur version on two kicks though. Gretsch GTS...
  6. dwsabianguy

    Cases or No Cases

    I've got a metric shitte tonne of Protection Racket bags for most of my drums at this point, and since I own six kits, if they're not set up in the studio, they're in the bags ready to go. I don't know about you guys, but my drums don't have handles. And having handles makes it easier to carry...
  7. dwsabianguy

    The age of hyper-speed drummers

    The way I see it, it's our responsibility as musicians to at least attempt to push the boundaries of our chosen instrument. I know I'm always trying to push the envelope of what I'm able to execute. Lately for me that's a melodic independence thing, e.g. left foot clave. For some, its speed (and...
  8. dwsabianguy

    Black Beauty tuning video

    Yeah I'll never understand why people even bother to make demonstration videos where they don't play the damn thing. I want to hear it, first and foremost. It's a musical instrument. It makes a sound. What sound does it make!?
  9. dwsabianguy

    Birch or Beech?

    Funny... I'm the opposite of Bozozoid. I really enjoy birch kits, but I don't historically like birch snares all that much. I'd opt for the European beech, if only because all those classic Sonor kits were made with European beech, and that, to me, is "beech." I'd personally go with 5.5"...
  10. dwsabianguy

    Drum thrones suck

    That Gibraltar base is a cool one. Might be worth looking into. I haul a Roc-N-Soc around. The weight reminds me that I'm alive, damnit.
  11. dwsabianguy

    Eric Singer’s triggers for monitoring only

    Definitely doesn't sound like samples to me.
  12. dwsabianguy

    Drummerworld Site Ads

    DFO has ads, but they're small, and easily ignored. I've been getting large banner ads and even occasional full-page ads on here every once in a while for about the last week. Like, I'll open a thread, and it'll just be an ad covering the entire screen until I close out of it. And as others...
  13. dwsabianguy

    Birch fans- sell me on a birch snare drum.

    Honestly? While I absolutely love my Birch Absolutes, I don't really care for birch snares. I've owned a couple Yamahas over the years, and I shouldn't have sold that sea blue Birch Custom, but overall they sound brittle to my ears; they're bright, but don't have the same firm bottom end (heh)...
  14. dwsabianguy

    Swedish Drummers -- Your Faves?

    Martin Lopez Tomas Haake Martin Lopez Morgen Ågren Tomas Haake ...Martin Lopez
  15. dwsabianguy

    Purely lustfull purchase?

    I'm a sucker for a good deal on something awesome. If it's not a good deal, I really have to think about it. Working at the ol' drum shop has gotten me some pretty killer gear, of which I have to give my 6.5x14 Dunnett Titanium the crown. I use it all the time. I did also find a BAE 1073MPL...
  16. dwsabianguy

    Your Favorite Ride

    I have four main ride cymbals... 22" Paiste Traditional Medium-Light (session work) 22" Paiste Dark Energy Mk II (covers pretty much all gigs; projects clearer than the Trad) 22" Sabian HH Rock Ride 1990s (heavy things) 22" A Zildjian Canada 1970s (Rush tribute shows, rock/country) The Dark...
  17. dwsabianguy

    THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

    Anybody out there have a lefty DW double pedal? I'm specifically looking for a slave side pedal that I can convert into a clave pedal, where the spring hangs off the single left post.
  18. dwsabianguy

    Brad Wilk Snare Sound - Any Advice?

    That snare sound has always fascinated me. It's so fat, bright, open, and dry at the same time. It's definitely one of Ross Garfield's Tama BBs. I think Brad is partial to the Terminator, which was also used on the first (and probably more) Rage Against the Machine records. And Nirvana's...
  19. dwsabianguy

    New drums vs old drums

    +1 for floor toms. On Yamaha kits I think they also generally sound better. But I've never had an issue with my Nouveau lugs, and they've actually helped me nest the 12-piece Cygnus kit in times when we haven't had a 15-passenger van.
  20. dwsabianguy

    New drums vs old drums

    I personally don't think anyone's making a better kit than those MCANs these days. Different, sure, and maybe that different is what you're after (alas I personally prefer Birch Absolutes), but those old Sakae shells make a sound that I haven't heard in a current model kit. They're airy and...