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    Dream kit

    I feel the same way, minus the Guru kit and I will add this : the only limit to any decent quality kit isthe musician sitting behind it. Gear rarely makes anyone better.
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    Gretsch USA Custom Vs. Renown

    Keep in mind that tom placement will also be impacted by bd size.
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    Brady Drums ... I'm letting my set go

    I have noticed this as well, and buyers often ask for complete hardware and cymbals. I actually had to explain to a guy that the cymbals were worth more than the kit, and he would not believe me... Good luck on the sale, there is someone out there for that beautiful kit.
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    Brass snare thoughts?

    Dunnett 2N brass. A seam never sounded so good. Honestly, seam or seamless, it all seems the same to me. I love brass, it does it all. Thin head for Ring, thick for Pah.
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    Would you? Potential trade

    The best sounding kit I ever played was a huge dw jazz cherry set in 24-13-16-18. Best looking also. Funny thing is, I regret not buying even though it doesn't fit my playing style at all, as I usually like much smaller kits. It's not about drinking the kool aid, not about marketing, it's...
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    DW finish ply costs

    ^^^this ! Everything is always negociable. Make an offer, what's the worst that can happen ? A good firm "No" not to be taken personnally and move on. It's just business, plain and simple.
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    What a USA Custom sounds like with 45/45 bearing edges

    Lessons and other musical ressources, good quality cymbals, replacing heads top and bottom more often, a comfy throne, gas money to go out and play with good musicians, you know, the important stuff! Also, sports to keep you healthy, travel abroad to keep an open mind, quality time with your...
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    What a USA Custom sounds like with 45/45 bearing edges

    A fairly experiençced tuner can get DWs, Yamaha, Tama, Ludwig, etc., really any brands and any model, pretty close to that generic sound without much effort. I have owned many high-end drums and in the end, they all pretty much end up sounding the same. Save your money for the important stuff.
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    Getting a Broadkaster pretty soon. You can help me deceide on the finish.

    Get them at Maxwell's while they're fresh !
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    Getting a Broadkaster pretty soon. You can help me deceide on the finish.

    I would get the USA Custom you have been longing for since the day I got here. BK's are very vintage-y, I would wait for my dream kit and not necessarily "compromise", for what that beautiful expression now means. Simple suggestion, please feel free to flick me off.
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    Getting a Broadkaster pretty soon. You can help me deceide on the finish.

    Antique Pearl or WMP. Any other finish and I'm leaving the forum ! ;-) I used to love gold sparkle, but I can now taste the Crush Orange in my mouth when looking at it, so that ruined it for me. Natural is natural, you can't go wrong with wood. I also like Green Cadillac.
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    my Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple

    It is strange to say is it should be the other way around, but these shells really bring the best characteristics out of any type of heads.
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    Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid vs. Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch

    Very respectfully, I doubt I could really hear either the walnut or oak in either drum. Both would theoretically add some low-end on its own, but other factors would play a more significant role in the sound and drown the tonal characteristics of a couple plies of one wood species over...
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    Hot for Teacher

    Now that is one slick lick. AV is a very creative and dedicated drummer.
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    my Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple

    My pleasure Mark ! As stated before, you'll have to go with your mood for the heads. Personally, I use coated ambs and clear or coated emperors for heavier stuff or when I simply want that more generic sound and drier thuddier sound. UV1s come on and off all relative to my mood , not too I'll...
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    my Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple

    Emad !
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    Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid vs. Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch

    Some would argue the same about Yamaha. I don't however see what you actually get for the huge price difference between the two kits mentionned by the OP. Honestly, a used previous generation live custom would, in my opinion, be an excellent choice. I think you can still find them new in some...
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    Drum Features You Miss

    T-rods came standard on my kits, except the two rods closest to the floor which are regular squared tension rods. Those are the two I actually wished were T-rods, as they are the worse to deal with a drum key. I would argue that when using an Emad with muffling rings, you can get away with a...
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    Drum Features You Miss

    T-rods are great when you need to quickly tighten or loosen bd heads. How often do you drop a key trying to fiddle horizontally on those bd tension rods abandoning halfway and ending up with a head not in tune with itself ? The alternative is unconscionable - taking off the tom and arm...
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    22 bass drum depth

    A drummer will make any drum work in any given situation. My only request for bass drums is that they be heavy enough not to creep away but not too heavy to haul around. If that means adding a few inches, so be it, heads and tuning will do the rest.