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    Unconventional (and cheaper) drum case options

    Just wondering what diy options you all have cooked up to safely transport your gear. Cases are so expensive and I am wondering if there are more economical and creative options to get gear to gigs and back?
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    So excited about this find for hardware

    So hubby, son and I headed out to some thrift stores to try to find some economical options for transporting my son's drum set. My hubby found this gem for 35 dollars!! It is an old airline galley cart. The wheels are in great shape and the brake and release still work great. It seems to be...
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    9.5 mm Tom mount

    I need to fly 3 Ludwig classic maple toms off of cymbal stands. I currently have a Gibraltar L rod tom holder with clamp. The L rod though is too big to fit into the suspension hoop’s clamp. My research indicates that I probably need a 9.5 mm L rod. I know I can buy a smaller L rod ball for...
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    Convert tom to floor tom, snare stand or Worldmax cradle?

    Snare stand seems like the cheaper, more versatile way to go. Am I missing a reason why the cradle wold be a better choice?
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    Gibraltar Rock hardware

    Found a listing for a Gibraltar hardware pack. Claims that the Gibraltar Rock line is comparable to the 5700 line. This is for my teenaged son who is beginning to start doing some minor gigging. We got a killer deal on some Ludwig maple classics so the bass drum is virgin and he will need to...
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    Ludwig badge help

    Based upon the excellent advice I received here. I snapped up what was advertised as a 2010 Ludwig Classic Maple Kit. The drums are in pristine shape and I was even able to talk them down on the price. So, if in fact these are Maple classics, I think I got an amazing deal. But my inner...
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    decent price?

    Is $750 for a 2010 Ludwig Classic Maple 5 piece set a fair price?
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    Merry Christmas with much gratitude!

    I have spent hours combing this forum to learn about the best way to outfit my young drummer with the most bang for my (and his) buck. Today it all came together minus the roc and soc throne, snare and tom legs for the 16" tom that are on the way from my good friends at UPS! The kind...
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    Upgrading kit for young drummer

    Once again, I come to you wise ones for help! I have an almost 14 year old son who has been playing for about 3 years. Suspecting he may not stay the course we bought him a very reasonably priced used beginner set: PDP Center Stage. As he became more serious and invested we took excellent...
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    help me Christmas shop

    I am upgrading my son's very basic starter cymbals for Christmas. He initially wanted a relatively inexpensive Meinl HCS set that came with about a million different cymbals. We were able to talk him off of the ledge and get him the agree to fewer, but more quality cymbals. Thus far I have...
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    mounting things to rack question

    Please pardon my ignorance. As you can see by my username, I am not a drummer but rather am trying to shop for my 13 yr old drummer son. I have 3 questions I hope you knowledgeable people can help me answer. First, my son's current set up has his toms mounting into holes in the top of his bass...