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  1. Foggie Blur

    Alesis Strike Pro with TD17-Need help

    K thank u back to drawing board. Anyone have recent experience with alesis strike pro with its own module. I read some great reviews and some bad. It sounds like they fixed most technical issues.
  2. Foggie Blur

    Alesis Strike Pro with TD17-Need help

    Has anyone here used an Alesis strike pro with a TD17. I like the roland brains, but not the mid range and lower pads. The strike pro feels more like an acoustic set. Ive heard the new strikes with all the updates dont have the hihat problem they used to. Im thinking of combining the stike...
  3. Foggie Blur

    Don't Call Me Angel Drum Cover

    Hey All, Haven't been around for awhile, but thought i would check out the site again and post my latest Drum Cover creation. Accidentally video edited in a few parts from a video take that didn't match the audio. See if you have can spot them!!!
  4. Foggie Blur

    Hit Song Senorita Drum Cover with Latin Rock 'Feel'

    Posting 'Senorita' with a drum kit rhythm that came out with a bit of a Latin Rock Feel. I'm pretty happy with the mix, I hope the video editing is getting better. I've been getting a decent amount of views and happy about that! Ironically, I get more drum related feedback at a non-drum related...
  5. Foggie Blur

    Creepy Circus Drum Set

    Amazing work!
  6. Foggie Blur

    Do beginners really need pro drum kits???

    What I mean by pro level kits from 20 years ago are intermediate kits of today is technology. 20 years ago all the kits at my music store in intermediate range were mahogany. Now Maple and Birch is common at intermediate level. The drum technology from 20 years ago at the pro level seems have...
  7. Foggie Blur

    Do beginners really need pro drum kits???

    When I was teaching drums part time, a few of my students had pro level kits. On redit I notice quite a few beginners with smokin kits and top of line cymbals. 5-6 toms and 6 cymbals. Is it just me or is this consumerism just gone too far?The intermediate kits of today were the pro kits I saw...
  8. Foggie Blur

    The List of Most Fun to Play Drum Songs

    Wow this is some list. Amazing job. Theres some here I haven't heard before either and will be checking them out!
  9. Foggie Blur

    Sound Recording and Video editing

    Ok, sounds like a consensus for Premiere Pro. Thanks for taking the time to comment!
  10. Foggie Blur

    Bad Guy - Billie Eilish Drum Cover with Rim Groove

    Hey all, I'm still at it and I think learning from each one. Playing, mixing, editing. The level of technology for home recording is blowing me away. I have a pretty basic set up and keep getting surprised on the features. I like my playing in this one and the mix sounds good in my opinion...
  11. Foggie Blur

    Little Drum Solo with my band !

    Great job! Tasteful, technical and in time with band. Awesome. Great light show too! -foggie
  12. Foggie Blur

    I've been Fearlessly Flying-I've crashed and burned a lot.

    Nice. I especially enjoyed the first song. Great left hand pattern on the highhats. Well executed! Also enjoyed the sound of snare and hats together. Good combo choice! Bdrum a little quiet in second song, but maybe that was done on purpose. Look forward to hearing another song/video. -Foggie
  13. Foggie Blur

    Sound Recording and Video editing

    I've returned to the drums after a long hiatus and have bought some gear for recording. I've started video editing and posting online. I'm using a Mackie Pro FX 8 channel usb mixer, apex 326 mics, recording with Audacity and video editing with Openshot. I got Tracktion Wave 8 for free with...
  14. Foggie Blur

    New Toxicity Cover with multiple Angles and Effects

    Hey all, I've been learning how to mic, record, mix, edit, and video edit my playing. It's been a steep learning curve, but I feel the tracks are getting better. Check out this TOXICITY one with three cameras, hopefully some good editing and effect use. I'm trying to keep it interesting...
  15. Foggie Blur

    stick breakage/ technique help please! :)

    I used to be in a super loud alt metal band. I would go through 2B Tommy Lee sticks every jam. I played really loud then and the band turned up and they played sooo loud. My ears would ring after every jam. It was a vicious eardrum cracking circle. The last band I was in was a fusion rock...
  16. Foggie Blur

    DRUMMERS, How do or would you handle falling off the click on a song with a backing track?

    The OP has a challenging gig. Stressful yes, but what a great opportunity to enhance his ability to play with a click, increase his internal timing, listening, and precisely tracking song changes. One aspect to this I think is relevant is the stress management aspect. He s not just playing a...
  17. Foggie Blur

    The List of Most Fun to Play Drum Songs

    I've been jamming with lots of different drum styles and songs to help me get in the groove of drumming again. There's so many different amazing drum pieces out there. So many technical beauties and artistic masterpieces. BUT there are so many songs that are just fun. Don't get me wrong fun...
  18. Foggie Blur

    Original music created in Ableton Live 10 with my acoustic/electric hybrid set up !

    Really like it Lindsay Anne. The doublestroke 16th note triplets on the hihat...super sweet. Crazy little tamborines you have on your hihats. Fits perfectly with the music. Bass is tasteful, music psychadelic/progressive/funky. Be great to hear a longer version. Keep it up! Foggie
  19. Foggie Blur

    Too old to Play Drums

    Thanks for the reply. The chops are coming back. Lots of practicing. Revisiting all the instruction books. The classics never die! Foggie
  20. Foggie Blur

    Too old to Play Drums

    This should say Great Drumming! He is awesome! Thanks Peedy