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    Aynsley Dunbar

    Didn't find a thread devoted to him. One of the most overlooked rock drummers ever IMO. He was ridiculously good on those early Journey albums, with Zappa, and with his own band, the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, among many other great musical works that he's been a part of. He auditioned for the...
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    Pat Torpey

    I was just listening to some Richie Kotzen stuff, and man, Pat Torpey is one awesome drummer! Always loved his work with Mr. Big, too. Any other fans here?
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    Jimmy DeGrasso

    Didn't find a thread devoted to him. This guy's resume reads like a who's who of rock and metal acts-Alice Cooper, Ozzy, Montrose, Megadeth, David Lee Roth, Y & T, and Suicidal Tendencies are among the many bands he's played with.
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    Chris Frazier

    Any fans? I love his work with Edgar Winter and Whitesnake. Very solid and technical rock drummer.