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  1. spelman

    Worst sounding drum track you have ever heard?

    You don't mind the triggered snare on "Images and Words"?
  2. spelman

    New packaged drums sitting in garage.

    A tempest must be just that.
  3. spelman

    Nick Menza

    That sickdrummer interview was made so long after the Rust In Peace recording, maybe Nick wasn't 100 % on the details. In Nicks interview with Modern Drummer in '92, the ride was a 24" (A) Rock.
  4. spelman

    Anyone have any Sakae News

    Bozzio (and Portnoy and Cobham) played Mapex U.S.Maples - made in America.
  5. spelman

    10 & 12 or 12 & 13 toms

    I thought Phils' most famous kit had 8-10-12-15 toms with 16-18 floors?
  6. spelman

    Gavin Harrison here!

    TK-421: They sound as if they are quite thin. To SirSwingsAlot: try Paiste Cup Chimes , you may find them a bit thicker than Gavins bells though.
  7. spelman

    Nick Menza

    Will there ever be a Nick Menza "Mega Drumming" DVD? I got the impression it was all ready for release.
  8. spelman

    Marillion: Incubus - anyone know the sticking for this?

    It is hard to hear what's going on on the recording, with Ian having a ride cymbal on both sides of the kit. Here's a version I came up with: I'm sure you can add or remove notes and change the sticking to your liking.
  9. spelman

    Anyone covered Tom Sawyer on a small kit?

    Tempo for Tom Sawyer is quarter note=88 bpm, you might be able to do it with a single pedal. Otherwise, just do Bonham-triplets. becomes:
  10. spelman

    Your full name on your bass drum head

    Jonathan Mover with Joe Satriani 1990:
  11. spelman

    Tama Artstar II Limited

    No, the Artstar 2 Limited actually WERE square: