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    what's up with Geo. H. Way drums?

    it doesn't seem like any kits are being made. i haven't seen anyone that stocks their drums update their inventory in a while. anyone know what's up? i'm definitely into what they're doing and was hoping to get a kit later in the year/early next year.
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    trashy cymbals

    rant: i can't stand all these trashy cymbals that everyone seems to love. they have no tone at all! having one is cool for accents but i've seen SO many people who's ride, crash and hats are all very trashy sounding. HATE IT!!!! That's all. Note: i've had a trashy sounding crash in the past...
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    Jojo in a different context its really interesting to see him in this environment and on that kit. I think he sounded great. I wonder if he liked try to pull cool tones out of that kit. ill bet he did. it's a cool series actually. there's a few videos with Eric Kalb too (sharon...
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    New record out. with pics (istanbul, ludwig etc)

    what does it take to get people to notice a thread. I hope that title works... anyway, Me and my guys just released a record called Monument and you can download the whole thing for free. It's along the lines of The MC5, Hendrix, Black Sabbath and some Pentagram. It's a not a pretty sounding...
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    Anika Nilles

    her first fill is killing me. and the rest is great too.
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    first time on tour

    I just left for my first tour. I'm unbelievably excited! It's 3 weeks, mostly around the northern u.s. just started a 10 hour drive to Kentucky. Anyone else out on tour or going out soon?
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    Debut video on Decibel Magazine

    If you dont know of it, Decibel is a music zine about metal and such. they were kind enough to debut our video for us. here's a link. you can also download the whole album today for free from our bandcamp...
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    New album free!!! (metal)

    So a band I've been playing with, Swarm of Arrows, just released a record today. It's free to download for today only. there aren't any samples of any on the drums which i was happy with. that isn't to say there wasn't any studio surgery being performed. there was plenty. i recorded this as i...
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    help counting this Marc Guiliana solo

    Im really just trying to count the keys/bass vamp. just for my own edification.
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    Bands new EP

    so i'm in a band called Big Terrible and we have an EP coming out. we are releasing one song a week for six weeks until it's all been posted. anyway here's the first one. it's called Strange Shade. enjoy.
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    something cool

    so the band im in, Big Terrible, had 2 songs on the show "Dog the Bounty Hunter" i must confess that i've never seen the show until we were on it but it's still cool to me. here's a link to it. our song is at minute 14:30...
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    so I actually sat down and practiced drums tonight. first time in a very long time. it felt so good to stretch my mind out again. it was page 10 in Future Sounds. wow! what an awesome book! i was ready to give up immediately but i stuck it out for another hour and i felt so good afterwards. i...
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    sabbath cover/solo just audio with a pic

    so my band and i just finished up recording an EP. we did 6 songs in about 5 days. which means we cut everything and finished the songs mostly then the producer rearranged a ton of stuff and then we recorded all the new arrangements and finished the songs. its was a ton of fun but somewhat...
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    Awesome videos about vintage drums - Steve Maxwell's Drum Shop

    these 3 videos contain so much information about vintage drums. ply constructions, bearing edges, wraps etc... for all the major companies in the 60's and 70's. SO COOL! it's in 3 parts.
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    bass drum trick i just read about

    just thought i would pass this on. it was in the latest issue of Tapeop. (which is free by the way). the article was about prepping drums for recording. it had a bunch of good tips. anyway... tape a quarter to either head about halfway between the beater and the rim. this will slow the...
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    New Istanbul Ride and Hats

    Within the last few months I had the good fortune to buy a 22"Agop Ride and 15" Om Hats. WOW! they are they greatest cymbals I've ever played.they have none of the exagerated high-end of the sabians or zildjians, they really are worth every cent. if anyone is thinking about new constantanoples...
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    Senri Kawaguchi

    im sorry in advance. but this girl is straight killing it. i was told she's 13. my apology is for the song. it made me want to never wake up ever again.... you'll see.
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    a drop in the bucket

    so... i really enjoy recording so i force myself to write songs so i actually have something to record. this was from tonight. im a really bad guitar player. and as always, i never know how to end a tune. so i just wind up kinda soloing/screwing around at the end. sometimes it works and...
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    live rock and roll
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    too funky?? who knew...

    lately im finding it tough to just play a groove without really digging in like im playing some kind of monster groove. example: the man in me - bob dylan or the weight by the band. im mean the grooves are super simple but its really tough to match such a killer feel without laying into it like...