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    John Paul George and Pete

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    Barrie Barlow 70th Birthday Greetings

    Would have loved to have been at that show with ya Croc! I came to appreciate Clive after Barrie, oddly enough. Two powerhouses, but I think the main difference is what you pointed out, just how tight the new guy was! Great band, great musicians....Im not through with Jethro Tull yet.
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    Barrie Barlow 70th Birthday Greetings

    Honestly, not to seem too fickle, but the whole reason I went and checked him out and came to the table already liking him, a bit biased, was because of John Bonhams statement. I was not disappointed one tiny little bit, I cant say I disagree with Bonham. BB is the man!
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    How to practice playing fast

    I think Jeff was pretty well known for his one handed hi hat 16th.
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    Advertisements Galore?

    I require them to inform me on how to live and what products I will need to buy.
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    Barrie Barlow 70th Birthday Greetings

    My man....he was so gd good with Jethro Tull! Love his playing, happy bday to the man! Im gona don a hat and hike my gym socks up in his honor today!
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    Alan Dawson plays Take 5

    Thats so cool Alex, I want a copy now too. I sorta only know Dawson as an educator, haven't heard much of his playing besides a few clips here and there. Any other Dawson recommendations? Very interesting tidbit pointing out the hi hat work. Its great to put things in a timeline to know ur...
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    Alan Dawson plays Take 5

    Is that a concert tom Fibes kit? This is fabulous, I approve too....of the playing, not Brubecks pants, I just want to be clear about that.
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    Lessons from trying to go cheap

    No, the man has a pro touch and plays beautifully. I heed this advice, thanks Bo
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    Getting to be a bit much

    You got me by 20 years so I dont really have advice, but I do want to say that I admire you very much. I think you've earned the right to do whats best for you at this point. Maybe try to line something up before you give notice? Just want to have you avoid a down time from playing, or more so...
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    Happy Birthday Ringo

    He did in fact wear several rings and was fond of them, I believe that's where the nicname came from.
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    Backwards Fills

    Sometimes you just catch lightening in a bottle on a recording sesh huh. No way Clyde is hitting that same Funky Drummer breakdown beat the same either. Perhaps the way it was recorded 8, made the toms sound smaller or larger in the mix which perhaps giving an impression of a lower pitch? Like...
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    Backwards Fills

    Dude, Im so glad I read this. You always make us think and point out amazing things. Ur a treasure around here! Thank you
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    Backwards Fills

    Yeah its like, the valley girl thing. To like end in an upward inflection. Like everythings a question.
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    Backwards Fills

    This is so darn cool, I just never thought of it this way. Well pointed out by danondrums and ur further explanation. This kinda stuff is part of why I love this place. Love it
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    Happy Birthday Ringo

    Art mentioned Ringo in another thread and it reminded me of this attached video I just came across, really enjoyed it, especially Ringos' buttery goodness! Enjoy:
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    Backwards Fills

    Some guys mix things up by not keeping their toms in descending order. One example of ascending that comes to mind is the Zappa More Trouble Every Day big fill, which I think inspired the In The Air Tonight intro fill, which goes around the toms and then comes back in ascending order, low to...
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    You know you’re getting old when...

    I no longer rock and roll, I budge and pivot.
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    Pre-"grid" musicianship

    Didn't know about that Bermuda, just gave it a listen. Seems very ahead of its time.