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    Fancy/cutting edge gear.

    I hear a lot of my fellow drummers say that you don't need fancy new gear or those new $800 pedals to become a good drummer. I only agree with this up to a point, and here's why. When you come home, and there are dishes in the sink, and clothes on the floor and the place is messy, you feel...
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    Double bass problem

    Recently, a huge problem developed with my bass (drum) playing, and it literally happened overnight. I went from being 75% decent on the pedals (my skill varies depending how dedicated I am) to not being able to hold straight 16th notes for more than two or three measures, if that. My legs feel...
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    huge differences between playing.

    I just realized (I'm always late with the apifinys) that my drumming solo and jamming with friends is VERY different. When I am playing with myself (not like that :P) I get very complex, lots of crazy double bas stuff (64th notes) and I do lots of different things. But, I recorded myself...
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    drumming, and performing?

    do you think that there is a difference when your playing a song with other musicians, and when your playing drums for other people? when im jamming, im very comfortable. its easy to pop out a fill or a bitchin' groove. however, when i play drums for other people, i get really nervous. and...
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    Cymbals hitting the stops

    I recently got a Sabian AAX-plosion 18" fast crash, and mounted it on the stand i had for it. but when i play it, there is a problem. since its a light cymbal, it gyrates easily. and at certain tempos it hits the stops. im confused though, because it doesnt slam back and forth madly, it will...
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    Need help convincing parents about bass pedals.

    i have a crappy PDP double bass pedal, and i want an upgrade. the problem is, Axis pedals are $600. so i went to my parents to see if we could work something out. and they don't get it. anyone have any suggestions? what do you think would be a good point(s) to bring up when im making the...
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    need help with a drum clinic

    im going into senior year, and a graduation requirement is a senior project. for mine, i want to do a drum clinic. my focus for the clinic is to help non-drummers understand that we do more than hit stuff, im trying to end a lot of confusion in my community (my church-im the only drummer...
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    mystery snare drum.

    serial #: 613297 does anyone know what this thing is? the photos of it are at
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    specific bass drum tuning questions.

    i just re-tuned my bass drum, i had the batter head EXTREMELY loose, so loose that i only had 6 lugs on it. i finally got tired of it getting out of tune and tuned it. the problem is, the batter, an evans EMAD II, is perect now, pretty much the way i like it. the resonant is a crappy pearl WX...
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    Trick Dominator?

    im thinking of getting some Dominators because they are cheaper (if i could get the Pro 1-v i would) does anyone have a pair? how are they?
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    im confused about Axis pedals

    theres X2s and XL2s and Lx23234 and LLD5...... and they all look the same!??!?!?!?!?!?! (exept for the beaters, is that it?) whats the difference? NOTE: there is no axis pedal called the LLD5 or Lx23234 theres like 5 versions though
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    bombing on stage?

    i have never played in front of an audience, and am doing so on the seventh of june. has anyone messed up SO MUCH that everyone had to stop playing and restart a section or a whole song? what was the audiences reaction? my drum teacher says they WONT set a lion on me but i dont know...
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    i was just thinking how far ive come with drums. i used to think anything that wasnt pearl was crap, absolute, worthless trash, and that ziljians were the ONLY cymbals, i thought sabians and other brands were worthless (they are NOT) i remember 2 years ago, watching drummers on youtube and...
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    cymbal transport?

    i have just recently started taking my drums to rehersals. i have a cybal gig bag, its a sabian one, but it has no individual compartments for cymbals, it only has one section. i want to know if its ok that the cymbals are in full contact with each other, is it? i treat them like jars of...
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    Zildjian Edge?

    i recently got the 14" "Max Hat" Edge hihats, these things are OLD, but really cool, i havent played enough to get used to the sound, ive been using some 13" B8's does anyone know about these cymbals?
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    specific cymbal cleaning questions

    i have zildjians, paistes, and sabians. i have the paiste cymbal cleaner (in the orange bottle). is that stuff ok to use on these specific brands? (besides the paiste) because my crash cost $200 big ones and i DONT want that to get messed up.
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    my Pearl beasty beast

    pearl world series: 10" tom 12" tom 13" tom 14" tom 16" floor tom 22" bass drum cymbals: Zildjian: 14" Zildjian Edge Max hihats Paiste: 10" 502 splash 18" PST5 china 20" PST5 medium ride SABIAN: 19" Metal-X-crash 13" B8 hihats other: 12" Agazarian china (same as Wuhan) the toms dont have any...