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  1. LeftoverPenguin

    Gimme Three Steps

    Gimme Three Steps Cover So my band and I just submitted this song for a radio contest, and admittedly I'm trying to generate some buzz around it. We felt it was a great song that showcased everyone's musical ability pretty well. I would love it if you guys checked it out! And leave a comment...
  2. LeftoverPenguin

    Zildjian Rarities Program

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread on this! Zildjian has been slowly unveiling their 2011 Rarities, with a new cymbal (or in some cases a small line of cymbals) every day this week. They have videos and sound clips of each cymbal on the site, too. I'm already thinking about buying the 24" ZHT...
  3. LeftoverPenguin

    Short Drum Solo (Bonham Triplets)

    This is what I'm currently working on for my little drum solo for when my band covers Led Zeppelin's Rock and Roll. Short Drum Solo Made up almost entirely of Bonham triplets, I'd say this is inspired by not only John Bonham, but a little Dave Grohl as well (specifically the end of Queens of...
  4. LeftoverPenguin

    Yamaha Rock Tour

    Back in June I ordered one of the new Rock Tour sets. Being that I'm taking my set out to gigs every week or two, these were perfect. I wanted a finish that wasn't readily available in the US, and I was told it could be as long as December before I ever saw the thing. I've been using my Stage...