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  1. AzHeat

    Advertisements Galore?

    Has something changed with DW? I'm getting adds all over the place, both on my computer and mobile. I can sort of live with it on the computer if I have to, but the mobile ones are covering up most of my page, between posts, at the header, footer. You all seeing the same?
  2. AzHeat

    Any way to mimic EAD 10 functionality?

    I have 7 mics and a Focusrite 18i20 interface. I was pretty interested in the EAD 10, but since it’s limited with the number of inputs, I’m wondering if the same type of thing can be done with what I already have, using just the mics. I have a kick, 2 over heads and 3 Tom mics. I already have...
  3. AzHeat

    Millennium Still Cymbals?

    I came across a couple of videos for Millennium Still cymbals when I was listening to different low volume cymbals. They are not available in the US, but can be shipped. They don't seem to sound as good as the Sabian's, but seem to be about the same as Zildjian's volume wise, with tone...
  4. AzHeat

    Silent Pads/cymbals or Electronic Drums?

    So, I posted a tread on the minimum requirements for an eKit a while ago, but now wondering if the Zildjian L80/Aquarian Super Pad is the best option for practice. I like that electronics make a sound in headphones, but feel wise, they are nowhere close. That’s where the silent pads/cymbals...
  5. AzHeat

    What’s considered good enough?

    I know that sounds like a loaded question, but I’ve been looking at electronic drum’s lately, just to be able to work on stuff I can’t otherwise. I have a nice acoustic set and I have a set the DW Smart Practice pads. The practice pads have been super for figuring out patterns, working on...
  6. AzHeat

    Something Happen With Replacement Gretsch BD Logos?

    It's been several weeks and I haven't seen anyone selling the Gretsch Drop G logos. I see them for other drum brands, but all I can find for Gretsch are window stickers. Anyone know who has them? Thanks.
  7. AzHeat

    PS3 Vs. EQ3 Reso

    This topic has been discussed a bunch, but I couldn't quite get to the bottom of what I've been trying to compare. I've been running an Evans EQ3 unported reso for a while now. It's a 6.5 mil single ply with 10 mil control rings. For the most part, I've been pretty happy with it, but...
  8. AzHeat

    Drums finally getting some recognition... chandeliers! I saw these at a local restaurant earlier today.
  9. AzHeat

    Guess I’m not as original as I thought

    I just stumbled across this on reverb today: Same 22x14, 12x8 and 16x14 sizes, but this has the 10 rack and I have the 14x12 FT. Another display of custom colors and size combo (shallow BD in this case) that’s not listed on their...
  10. AzHeat

    Gretsch Renown and Catalina Add-on Drums

    I just noticed Gretsch is offering add on toms for their Renown and Catalina lines. Sorry if this is not new news. Not being able to add a second FT was a definite consideration when I was debating a Renown purchase, so don’t recall seeing them back then. For some reason, they hurried this...
  11. AzHeat

    Best snare batter comparison video...

    Best snare batter comparison video I’ve come across to date: What’s your flavor? Edit: Updating to include all links in one spot. Remo: Evans: Aquarian:
  12. AzHeat

    Kodo Drums & Blue Man Group

    Pretty fun video I just stumbled across.
  13. AzHeat

    Toto Pamela Cover

    I've been playing around with my recording gear for a while now and trying to dial stuff in. I decided to roll record on this song and see if I could get everything to sync up and sound half way decent. Started playing around with this song a couple of months ago. One take and definitely not...
  14. AzHeat

    Moongel kills opposite lug!

    I’ve never seen this discussed here before and something I just ran into. I wanted to do a quick tune of my Gretsch 12” tom, so I popped it off the stand and set it down on carpet and went around each lug to quickly check if they were where I left them. I was getting over a cold and feeling...
  15. AzHeat

    Sound Isolating Earphones IEM vs. OEs

    I know this topic has come up before with recommendations for the GK Ultraphones. I’m about to pull the trigger on these, but have questions regarding these and other options. I’ve been hesitant to get over tge ear phones like the GKs, because they tend to get super hot. I haven’t actually...
  16. AzHeat

    Micing and Recording Tricks?

    So, I just received my Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 and AKG Concert 1 set of mics and started playing around with them a bit. I’ve defi been missing out...Anyway, since I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing, I figured I’d post the question here. The mics came with mounts for Tom and snare and...
  17. AzHeat

    Recording Gear Recommendations?

    I've given up trying to get any recording of value from my single overhead USB mic (Blue Yeti). I originally bought it to do voiceovers, but while it doesn't clip, trying to get anything of quality has been ending in endless defeats. I usually get no kick, boxy snare and blow out my ears with...
  18. AzHeat

    Vater Recording Sticks

    Anyone tried the Vater Recording sticks? I just picked up a pair and pretty pleased with them. I’ve been playing Vater Fusions for quite a while, but everyone around me stopped carrying them, so it’s been online or nothing. I switched to the 5A Angeles, and while I do like them, they are more...
  19. AzHeat

    What Would A DW Music Section Look Like?

    Okay, so there has been a lot of discussion about fun and abundant, yet elusive non-commercial music on the Internet. The stuff producers can't fit in a box and spoon feed the public... Based on Pop Music thread discussions, there's some interest in a section dedicated to music on DW, so we...
  20. AzHeat

    Why Modern Pop Music Is So Awful To Some!!!

    It's been a while since this has been debated, but not trying to rehash any old debates. Those debates usually included: well, if you don't like it, then your too old or narrow minded. No point in beating that same dead horse. I came across this today and it kinda reminded me of the...