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  1. Terry Branam

    Drumming with just a left hand after a stroke (yikes!)

    Sending all of my best, brother. I had no idea...
  2. Terry Branam

    Metronome app that can do this...

    Try Polynome for iOS. Joe Crabtree has packed tons of features into it. It can do about anything you'd ever ask for! Not sure on Android... Best of luck!
  3. Terry Branam

    Ginger Baker in Bad Shape

    Wow, that is such a drag. Ginger's drumming was very important to the history of music.
  4. Terry Branam

    Best teachers in Chicago?

    Go check out my buddy Sol Garnier on the north side: Great with beginners!
  5. Terry Branam

    Help Placing a Melody

    The beginning of the melody sort of reminds me of the verse of Blondie's "Call Me...
  6. Terry Branam

    Richard Spaven transcriptions in this month's Modern Drummer - link inside

    The Modern Drummer podcast did a cool in-depth discussion about the piece and provided a bunch of audio files for context. Check it out here:
  7. Terry Branam

    Richard Spaven transcriptions in this month's Modern Drummer - link inside

    Thanks a million for the kind words, and for checking it out! I got a lot from doing this one.
  8. Terry Branam

    Elvin Jones Resolution Transcription Progress Log Entry #1

    Great job, man! Transcribing Elvin is such a huge undertaking. So is playing the stuff! It's a worthwhile venture just to get some of that stuff to seep into your playing.
  9. Terry Branam

    Richard Spaven transcriptions in this month's Modern Drummer - link inside

    Thank you, sir! Always a fan of your stuff as well (y)
  10. Terry Branam

    Calvin Rodgers

    Dude is such a beast! Good call.
  11. Terry Branam

    Richard Spaven transcriptions in this month's Modern Drummer - link inside

    Hey everyone, I'm proud to announce that I have a piece running in this month's Modern Drummer on his work. If you are not hip to him, Check this out: Lots of cool beats and phrasing to dissect. You can see the transcriptions (including this beat) at the link below or in this month's issue...
  12. Terry Branam

    Gary Husband Here!

    Looking forward, Gary! Thank you for being amazing.
  13. Terry Branam

    Youtube Videos All you have to do is paste the link. No fancy stuff...
  14. Terry Branam

    The drunk beat

    Hi Larry, I think I know what you mean. Some folks call it a "J Dilla" type of beat. Checking artists out like D'Angelo and Flying Lotus as well as the aforementioned J Dilla would be a good place to start. Also look at the recent Zildjian Underground series on YouTube. Best of luck!
  15. Terry Branam

    Original Compositions (Live Drums)

    Nice playing, and cool tune!(y)
  16. Terry Branam

    Figuring out a time signature

    I listened to the first half of the song. It was mainly in 4/4, but the verses were in 7/8 My approach to hearing odd meters is to first listen and count as many odd meter songs as possible! Then try to listen to bands like this, and when you can't count something, try to listen to all of the...
  17. Terry Branam

    FORUM: Change

    Very cool! Way to go Bernhard!
  18. Terry Branam

    Vinnie C. fill transcription

    Vinnie C. fill transcription ** updated with bonus solo! Hey all, thought you might like this little fill that I transcribed today. It's from the video here: Enjoy and have fun with it!!! :)
  19. Terry Branam

    Gary Novak transcription inside!

    Hey everybody, I've been busy this summer doing a lot of cool projects, and had time this week to do a little transcription of Gary Novak. I've had a few requests to check this one out, and I must say that it's pretty wild! Fasten your seatbelts... Video is here...
  20. Terry Branam

    The remote speedy hat

    Hey everybody, I was at PASIC this year and ran into my friend Bill Bachman. He showed me this new hi hat stand design that he came up with, and I was pretty blown away by it! I've never played a hi hat stand that felt so smooth, and the cool thing is, you can place it anywhere you want to. It...