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    Thoughts on this yamaha stage custom advantage shell kit?

    I'm looking for a new shell kit and found these. How much are they worth , and is the kit good? He says it's negotiable. Not buying the snare Should I ask him to take more pictures? Kit is 22x18 12 13 16.
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    Tama LST148 Big Black Steel or Tama DST1465 Soundworks

    I'm looking for a new snare ( I have a poplar one ) and my local store has lots of tama snares. After some research and due to the budget I decided on these two. Any experience with them? both steel
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    Which of these kits should I get?

    I'm looking to buy a second hand drum kit and need some opinions on these two: -tama rhythm mate - 273 euros , all hardware , no cymbals -mapex venus 500 euros , maybe negotiable , includes everything in the pictures