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  1. bermuda

    DRUM! Magazine correction

    While I'm always flattered to be included in a magazine article, there is an odd error in the Summer 2019 issue of DRUM! in the "Remembering Hal Blaine" article. On page 28, my picture with Hal appears, with three paragraphs of supposed quotes attributed to me. Unfortunately, only the first...
  2. bermuda

    Hal Blaine passed

    Today is a sad day for me and thousands of other drummers with the passing of Hal Blaine. Hal had a lot of friends, and made each feel like they were the most important person to him. I was lucky to call him a friend for the last 27 years or so. I doubt I was high up on his list of close...
  3. bermuda

    When would you take a gig for the exposure?

    There's always a lot of talk about not doing gigs that don't pay yet promise great exposure. But I think everyone has their price, so to speak. While I don't do any work on spec or without pay, there are some opportunities I would take without salary, as long as hard expenses are covered. For...
  4. bermuda

    Different, unique, or just wacky set-ups

    I came across this pic of my kit from a 1982 video, with the cymbal arms forming a V to match the band's logo. I realize now just how much torque would be applied to the top of the 3-ply kick if I really tried to play that way! That's a Ludwig 1781 holder being put to the test. Please share...
  5. bermuda

    Birthday & New Year's gigs?

    How many gigs have you done on your birthday? And how many on New Year's Eve? My birthday count is 18 (during 1977-2018) and my NYE total is 19 gigs during the same period, including tonight. My gig records go back to 1971, but 1977 is the first year I played on my birthday (Aug 18), and...
  6. bermuda

    2019 NAMM roll-call

    Winter NAMM is a scant 4 weeks away... who's going? I will be there Thursday thru Sunday as usual, mostly hanging in the Ludwig booth, or not far away somewhere in Hall C. Stop by and say hi! Bermuda
  7. bermuda

    Handling pay & obligations while on the road

    Borrowed from another thread... I sort of recall giving a bunch of deposit slips to management, and they mailed them with the check to the bank. I think some of the guys had their checks sent home for their wife to deposit. But I was never paid by cash on tours, it was all handled remotely by...
  8. bermuda

    Got parts?

    I was rummaging through my parts boxes & drawers, and realized that I have a fairly obscene amount of spare parts, especially small stuff. Granted, I've been assembling this stuff for over 40 years, but it's a nice collection that I'm proud of. :) Bermuda
  9. bermuda

    What is the cleverest instruction given to you by a music director?

    Based on the "What is the most unintelligible instruction given to you by a music director?" thread... What is the cleverest instruction given to you by a music director? That is, what unobvious words did they use that immediately conveyed what they wanted? For me, it was when I was told to...
  10. bermuda

    Tama Snappy wires - problematic?

    I installed a set of 20-strand Tama Snappy wires on my snare, and they're atrocious. Yes, I know they're cheap wires, but I routinely use cheap wires (Gibraltar, Cannon etc) and never have a problem. The Tama wires won't lay flat. No amount of tightening the throw has any effect, they just...
  11. bermuda

    Densmore new Ludwigs tom sound

    Nabbed from the 2018 NAMM thread: OldReliable wrote: True, the toms are tuned slightly low, but they're not horrible by any stretch. They should have been mic'd from underneath, at the bottom edge of the shell. Single-headed toms don't sound very good from the top, they're all stick and...
  12. bermuda

    For Microsoft Access users in L.A. area

    I need to convert some older Access files using Office 2003. Does anyone in the L.A. area still use that version, and would you be willing to allow me to personally convert about 80 files for a small fee or a cheap lunch? Thanks! Bermuda
  13. bermuda

    Click track overuse - examples?

    Pursuant to the Are click tracks overused? thread, let's hear some examples of songs that have suffered by being cut to a click. What I mean is, 1) a song that would somehow sound better if it wasn't cut to a click, or 2) an obvious hiccup that snuck through the recording process, that wouldn't...
  14. bermuda

    Photoshop 3D text plug-in question

    For the serious Photoshop users out there, what's a good plug-in for this 3D/longshadow effect? I've searched but can't seem to find exactly what I want, and I'd rather not buy a suite of efx. The erosion texture isn't crucial, but would be cool if you have any ideas! :) Also, I'm using the CS2...
  15. bermuda

    Drums that don't sound like they 'should'

    Have you come across any drums whose sound doesn't quite go with its specs/design or size? Like a piccolo snare that's unusually fat, or a 10" tom that sounds really big? I bought some Canopus Zelkova snares (5, 6.5 and 8x14") because I really wanted them. I knew that they were nice snares...
  16. bermuda

    Extreme trip routing app?

    I rarely use the off-topic section, but this is as off-topic as it gets! Is there a mobile app that allows maybe 75 or more points on a map, and will route them for you sensibly? And, save that routing for future use, and editable as points change? For example, Phoenix is a regular stop for...
  17. bermuda


    I'm big on accuracy, credit where credit is due, and labels. For example, when Lady Gaga is called a musician, it's an accurate description. Besides singing, she plays piano, and she writes. But it irks me when I hear someone who only sings, referred to as a musician rather than a singer. Same...
  18. bermuda

    Your equipment buying policies

    I'm sure we all have certain rules that we follow when buying gear. It's a given that sound and performance would be high on the list, but do you ever relax those standards at times for specific gear? Here's my (brief) list: Pedals. I am very picky about my kick pedal, I want it to be magic...
  19. bermuda

    Interesting gig for me...

    Last night, I did a very interesting local gig. I say interesting for a few reasons: This was a group of players I've worked with before, though not regularly, so arrangements and song selections kept me on my toes. Not a big deal, I often sit-in and it can be a trial by fire. But I played a...
  20. bermuda

    NOS - new old snare!

    Yeah Buddy... Rich that is! Just received this early '50s WFL Buddy Rich Be-Bop snare from the Bun E. Carlos collection. Except for wires and heads, it appears to be all-original except for one rod, and it's suitably vintage. Bermuda