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    Sarah Jarosz drum cover

    Hey all, I recently discovered this song (and album) by Sarah Jarosz, one of those situations when a song completely inspires you yet doesn't already have drums set to it. I've been enjoying finding tracks like this as project tracks for getting better at recording. This track definitely taught...
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    New drum "cover"

    I've been obsessed with the album "Undercurrent" by Sarah Jarosz. The whole thing is without drums or percussion, yet lends itself well to percussion instruments. This is the song "Back of my mind"with drums added to it. I highly recommend checking out and buying the album. The whole thing is...
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    Fruit bats cover, Ocean

    Hey all, Drumming has taken a bit of a backseat to fishing and moving this summer, but I've finally had a bit of time to sit down and really play, and also to work on a little project to get more familiar with Reaper. I stumbled across this song the other day and as I was playing along...
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    EV 635a mic

    Anyone have any experience using these mics for drums?
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    New G. Ways

    Hey guys. I've rejoined after not really being on here for about ten years, though I was never terribly active back then anyway (under the name Ytsejammer). I've recently re-acquired the luxury of having a living space that allows me to play acoustic drums more-or-less whenever I want, and this...