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    Very powerful orchestral piece with drums!

    Enjoy the music:
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    Here I took a risk

    Rearranging a classical piano masterwork with drums and orchestra: I'm really curious to see what you think :)
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    Make a symphonic orchestra swing + drum set?

    This is “Grooving Life”, it’s rare to have a symphonic orchestra to swing and groove, it’s often considered a taboo: What do you think?
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    This is the most difficult thing I did!

    Well...not as a drummer of course but as a composer because of the very intricate arrangement of the whole orchestra. I hope you like it.
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    This is one of my best group ever!

    Jennifer Cabrera Fernandez 3rd Root I'm curious to know if you have heard similar music before and what it is. Thanks!
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    What happen when you put together Stravinsky, D’Angelo and Zappa?

    If you get passed minute 1 you will see :wink: Who knows the musicians I mentioned in the title?
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    Do you know Snarky Puppy? You have to see this!

    Snarky Puppy in my opinion is one of the best band around today, here is my cover of Lingus: If you don't know the original, you have to check it out!
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    I composed a tune for my daughter

    Here is what I composed for my daughter, it’s the first time I write such a happy mood tune, let me know your thoughts:
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    My most powerful piece ever for drums and orchestra!

    Stand Strong is finally online! Do you feel it?
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    First Drums and Orchestra music by a drummer?

    Hi, I would like to know if I'm the first drummer to compose music for drums and orchestra, do you know other people did this before? Here is the video:
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    Spiderman instrumental...mind the middle :)

    Yes it starts quite but we can't avoid exploding in the middle haha! :D
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    One of my best live solo ever!

    Enjoy ^_^
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    A live performance of my trio!

    Enjoy the music:
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    I covered myself ^_^

    Drum cover of my own composition :)
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    Crazy Drum Cover 29th, the next will be the last!

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    Simple but tasty!

    Here is my latest cover, enjoy:
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    Many ideas for drums

    Here is my compilation of Crazy Drum Covers, there are many strange ideas but I think several things can be used in "regular" music, don't you think?
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    Did you ever see Tibetan Bowls played like this?

    Take a look:
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    A drum cover with today's stock indices as meters #Brexit

    Have fun:
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    Bored to Death by Blink 182