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    octapad spd-30 with fl studio (midi set up help)

    Ok so after like a year after my first initial post of wanting to setup my octapad with midi I began trying last night. I got the program to recognize the octapad and when I strike a pad a light lights up in fl studio. Problem is no matter what way I have tried to link the pads to trigger a...
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    roland pd8/kd8 /fd8 (drum brain cross compatible?)

    I have a all of the pads/towers/controllers originally bought some for my octapad and then some because they were a great price. Well now I wanna get a brain because I want to build and e kit to practice/acoustic gig/mess with lol. I was wondering if there are any drum brains that are compatible...
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    What should I expect from 14x4.5

    I found a matching snare for my Yamaha absolute in honey amber on ebay and the price dropped a little so i finally snagged it today.I have two other snare that have much deeper and are different materials currently. I am very pleased with my kit so I expect the same from the snare as well but I...
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    Premier Snare (ID and thoughts)

    Hello, I have had this snare for quite some time sitting in a case but with no use cause I wanted to change the head out. It came with a kit I bought and I know the Yamaha kit was from the 80's but this snare was previous to the kit he said. I put a emperor x on it yesterday and tuned it up and...
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    pink floyd time heart beat? Anyone programmed it?

    I wanted to program this heartbeat sound using my octapad, but being how you can not really load in sounds on it has been difficult. Iv been messing around with the tuning and muffling features on the octapad and got nothing. If anyone has got something close to the heart beat sound by this...
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    What batter head for this premier?

    I am looking for a head for this deep premier snare I have. I do not know the exact model because it just came with a set but it looks to be with maple with re-ring and either 7 or 8x14. I was thinking of a couple different heads but wanted to see what input everyone else had. Currently I am...
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    Anyone ever compete in the GC drum off?

    I have watched one by accident locally and seen a bunch of vids so I wondered if anyone here ever competed. If so what was the experience like for you?
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    Kick tower, hit hat, compatible with octapad?

    I have only thought about using my octapad as a full kit have never done it. Well a venue wants to book my band but its really small and they recently decided no drum kits because of another band. We are discussing me using this because I can control the volume but I have no kick tower or...
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    drum mic clip or clamp suggestion?

    I need at least 4 to clip on the rims of snares, toms etc.. I have used the audix d-vice and liked it but its to much $ imo. I came across a brand called KAM on ebay that looks really nice for the money but I know nothing other than they look good. I am looking to get 4 clips for around $50, a...
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    Which kick mic with these audix?

    Because of my budget I decided to pick up an audix fusion 6 on ebay and because the price was really good too. I knew ahead of time I was gonna add at least a better kick drum mic and probably and sm57 or similar later for the snare. Both to be purchased used. After listening to sound samples...
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    50 foot xlr cables?

    I am looking for a bunch of these and wanna get an idea of what to buy for good value? I have been told seismic audio is good but Ia m worried about the quality. Id rather spend a little more than be disappointed but I also don't want to spend like $40+ per cable.
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    Drum mics (best of bang?)

    I am in the market for drum mics long story short. I want a good mic set for little money. I want to know out of these what is a good value or ones not mentioned in this price range. I gig on a 6 piece with about 4-6 cymbals. I rarely use the 2cnd floor tom but its still important. What mic kits...
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    Yamaha tour series?

    I just got Yamaha tour series. I am super pumped about this kit no matter what but I was wondering if anyone has some details. According to what I found online its birch/mahogany. The owner and what I found online both said its from the 80s. The badges say MIJ. I will be making another thread...
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    Midi with octapad ?

    First I want to start with saying I don't really understand this stuff which is why I am asking and I have searched a little before making this thread I just need a little help on the break down. What I want to do is is use my octapad to (trigger, probably not the right term?) sounds off a...
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    Some interesting new music

    I ran across a band called trioscapes today.I am pretty sure their bassist is from between the buried an me. I found them on YouTube and was really pleasantly surprised. The whole sax/bass/drums and feel of the band was refreshing and amazing in reference to what I was expecting to find. I also...
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    My new kit (big sizes, refinished)

    Most of these drums including two of the "floor toms" and one rack tom were found in a junk car. The one actual floor tom with legs was from my place off a no name kit. The bass drum was the only drum purchased. I saw a kit for sale cheap on cl and I wanted the bass drum and the hardware that...
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    what dvd/book next?

    I am self-taught and have mostly learned by ear but I want to get into learning by dvd/book. The reason I am doing it is obviously to learn to play better but I also desire to learn how to read better. For most of my life I learned off internet based clips etc.. but its only gets you so far and...
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    Drum cover products?

    I am thinking of recording drum covers soon but don't know what to use. I hear good things about zoom products but don't know what I should get. I do not want to buy and interface and like 5 mics, I don't have that type of money to spend just to do drum covers. What products capture good video...
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    Having trouble choosing what to keep

    I b/s/t equipment and recently traded a kit for a few cymbals but I already had all the cymbal I really need/want for what I play but I'm not sure what to keep out of all of them. I know its personal preference I just want to see what other people think. I have 5 crash cymbal to pick from and...
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    How have you found band members?

    I am in 2 bands and had been in another one for years before these. The bands always found me though. One of my bands is fairly inactive and now I'm looking to maybe start another. My problem is all my friends that play instruments are in bands. So my question is how have you gone about finding...