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  1. Hollywoodhogan

    Ludwig classic marching snare :)

    Hello all, I just want to show you my first Ludwig snare which I found last week in the net for a small Budget. I couldnt resist and needed to get it- no idea for what to use it... ;) Anyway, here some pictures. I disensembled everything and cleaned it- the Thing is in a pretty good shape...
  2. Hollywoodhogan

    ...going for Sonor SQ2!

    Hello together, I´m following daily the interesting treats and I really like this community. Now I´m out for my second threat- I´m now out for going on a Sonor SQ2 kit. By the way, sorry for any mistakes, I´m german... ;D I´m playing since 20 years drums. During the last two years I was...
  3. Hollywoodhogan

    My "new" Yamaha Recording Custom

    Hello, thanks for all the interesting posts in this forum! I´m following this site for a couple of months now and this is my first post here! I stopped playing for a couple of years and I wanted to start with some kind of a vintageset back into the topic of drumming. I found on a...