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    Pre-planned drum fills??

    I don't use any. It may be foolish and/or naive. This might be right. I remember an interview with Phil Collins discussing his double drumming with Bill Bruford. He said that Bruford basically played off-the-cuff and it was a bit of a nightmare. Collins admitted that some of his playing was...
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    Why is jazz drumming still so dominant?

    Hi, I am not trolling, honest gov. My Dad used to be a professional jazz musician and I have played in big bands. But recently I have wondered: why is jazz so dominant in the drumming world? It peaked prior to the Beatles explosion that was nearly 60 years ago. Fusion was (sort of) popular for...
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    Stick Control/Master Studies/Sticking Patterns - Holy Trinity?

    Hello, Do you consider these technique books the Holy Trinity? I am not a huge fan of Stick Control, as I prefer Joe Morello's more musical approach (IMO), but I realise others swear by it, and that includes drummers like Billy Cobham so who am I to argue. :) I only discovered Gary Chaffee's...
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    Funky hi-hats: need gear-head advice

    Hi all, I am busy building a nice funky drum kit but I am changing my head daily (and sometimes, hourly) about what hi hats to get. I will try to summarise my gear-headache: 1) I usually like Zildjian Ks but the hi-hats don't do it for me. 2) The 14s sound a bit sloppy to me, and I am going...
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    Pearl 830 hardware

    Hi, I like Pearl hardware and I was wondering if people have used the 830 hardware, and what the opinion is. I would like to use lightweight hardware but I am unsure of the quality of 830. I find it a nightmare to search to see the hardware 'in person' so I would appreciate some advice here!
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    Jazz/ funk kit (thanks to advice!)

    Hello all, I am in the process of building a new jazz/ funk kit thanks to wisdom from here. The snare drum is here and the Gretsch is ordered - the hardware and cymbals are yet to be ordered. Snare drum: Ludwig Acrolite (LM404C, natural aluminium finish) Bass/ toms: Satin maple Gretsch USA...
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    Gibraltar direct drive pedals - thoughts

    Hello all beatsters, I am stiffing round some direct drive pedals (both hi hat and bass) and I am homing in on the Gibraltar 9707TP-DP (hat) and 6711DD (bass). I was thinking about the Yamaha equivalent (and I know their stuff is good) but the hi hat stand weighs a ton! The gibraltar stand is...
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    Catalina Club Classic - not available?

    Hello, I am definitely looking for a 20x14, 12x8, 14x14 setup, and I don't want to spend thousands on it, so the catalina club classic looks an ideal choice. And I love the Gretsch sound too - for me, it is unbeatable. Also I think that this kit is an ideal size for many players. Personally, I...
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    Hardware: my diva requests

    All, On the off-chance that manufactures are reading, here are my diva requests for hardware-makers from a nightmare drummer: 1) Pearl made gearless snare/cymbal tilters 30 years ago. In this twitter-world, why are there stands with gears still on them? It might be patent laws. Or plain...
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    Dennis Chambers: K Zildjian Cymbal Pack

    Hey guys/ gals Check out this demo from Dennis Chambers, a very phat drummer from the old days.
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    Ride cymbal: shoulder on the bow

    Gearheads, I used to use an interesting technique with an old battered Paiste 200 ride cymbal: I used to hit the bow with the shoulder of the stick (not too hard though!), and it would create a bizarre "wall of sound" that people really liked. ... it sounded like a china but less "sloshy". I...
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    Pearl aluminium, or Ludwig?

    I am close to getting a nice new aluminium snare. I have always been impressed by the quality and build of Pearl stuff, but it isn't exactly glamorous. Is it worth paying a Ludwig tax or not? I cannot tell the difference sonically. I am sure Ludwig's are finely made, but so are Pearl's. So it...
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    Snare/Hi-hat combinations

    Greetings and salutations There is a topic that is interesting me because I am close to a snare purchase. I definitely will be a buying an aluminium or maple 5x14 snare, but I cannot decide between the two. Snare/hi-hat combinations are rarely discussed, but I think it is important. Sometimes...
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    Is the P3000D pedal worth it?

    200 quid for a direct drive pedal ... ouch. It seems like a lot of money, but a funky drummer must have a good pedal! I know there are a few other direct drives around. But is the Pearl monster worth it? It is probably that or the Yamaha direct drive for nearly half the price - and I know...
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    Gretsch 30 degree bearing edge

    How key is the 30 degree bearing edge to the sound? I have always thought Gretsch toms sounded fantastic (and even the Catalina's judging by youtube). So is it the 30 degree thing, or is it the (lack of) thickness/(lack of) depth of the shells? Or both? And if the 30 degree is the key, why...
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    Does Pearl Hardware still rock?

    In the old days (pre-1990!) Pearl hardware had a reputation as being the best. They had their uni-lock tilter even back then, and as I assess the options today, this feature (or similar) is not a universal, amazingly.. how people not use a universal tilter for their snare is a bad thing in my...
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    Are Ludwig drums for rock?

    Hi, Maybe I am wrong, but I have always seen Ludwig drums as rock drums. I have been around the block a few times, and in the circles I was in, Ludwig drums were notorious for being loud. (This was in a jazz context.) I have never used them. Of course this isn't a bad thing. Obviously Ringo...
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    Why did the parallel action snare die?

    If you like snappy snares, then they were fantastic. In the old days, I borrowed a Premier 2000 snare and it was lovely, and I think I have been looking for that sound ever since. (I later tried to buy it off him, but he declined!) The snares dominated the drum - from what I remember, it had a...
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    Funk/jazz drums ... limited

    Maybe I am just old but I am a little frustrated at the lack of choice for funk/jazz players. For my style of playing, shallower jazz size drums are pretty essential. Because I am older than you younglings, I remember that deeper shell depths became "standard" in the 80s, and the drumming...
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    K's vs K Customs

    Hello to all - this is my first post. I have been out of the drumming game for a while, so I am a bit rusty playing and gear-wise. I remember from my drumming past that it is notoriously difficult to judge a cymbal in a shop. I think you have to live with them to decide if you like them or not...