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    New packaged drums sitting in garage.

    So I bought a new kit. Mapex armory and currently won't have time to set it up for about a week and have to store it in my garage. It's still in the boxes all packaged up. I know humidity destroys drums. I'm in VA and tempest are currently low 80s during the day and dropping to high 60s at...
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    Mapex mars kit any good

    I currently have a tama Rockstar that has held up for 10 yrs. So was finally looking to get a new kit and saw this sweet deal. I was looking at gretsch or Tama superstar but this caught my eye. I already have high end hardware and k customs cymbals. So took this kit upgraded heads and it sounds...
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    Mapex or Gretsch?

    What do you think about the mapex Mars kits. Are they durable enough for gigging?
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    Mapex mars kit any good

    What made you get rid of them the quality sucked or they just don't sound as good?
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    Mapex mars kit any good

    Well I was on the search for a good kit looking for a gretsch Catalina and came across a good deal I couldn't pass up. I got a mapex mars (rock kit) for $250 from a guy that only used them once in his house and decided he'd rather just be a guitarist and sold them to me. Should I even waste my...
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    Silent stroke heads or ekit.

    What would be more beneficial for practicing and what do you guys use? Buy an ekit or just get an old beater set and put silent stroke heads on it and get zildjian l80 which I do have an old cb kit I can use.
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    Yamaha stage custom or Tama superstar classic

    I've been playing for awhile maybe 15 yrs or so. Everywhere I mostly played always provided a kit or I used a house kit but now I'm gonna start getting into gigs where I need my own kit so I'm looking now. I have a Tama rockstar that I use for practice. But just picked up a brand new mapex mars...
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    Yamaha stage custom or Tama superstar classic

    I'm looking for a new gigging kit just the shells. I'm currently kind of torn between the Yamaha stage customs as I see so many good reviews on these kits as well as the Tama superstar classic. Can I go wrong with either kit. It seems like from what I see everybody is kind of running to Yamaha...
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    Yamaha stage custom or mapex Mars crossover

    I'm leaning towards the Yamahas as I see so many good reviews on them. What about the pearl decade? Are they on the same level?
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    Pearl decade or Yamaha stage custom

    Are the pearl decades worth it or do you get more bang for your buck with the Yamaha stage custom? I'm torn between the two.
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    Yamaha stage custom or mapex Mars crossover

    I'm Looking to get a new kit. I have a choice between the Yamaha stage custom or a used mapex crossover with 10,12,14, and 16 Toms for $500. Which one would be the better kit. I play rock, funk, and gospel.
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    Practice on ekit and gig on acoustic kit.

    I've been playing drums (acoustic) for around 15 years and just recently moved to an townhome so my practicing on a acoustic kit will diminish and now will only see it when I practice with the band one night a week and gig on the weekend. In between I need to practice to keep getting better. I...
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    Seasoned drummer transitioning from acoustic to e kit to practicing.

    I've learned to play drums on and have played acoustic drums all my life about 28 yrs. Now I've moved into an apartment and therefore can't practice on my acoustic kit. I'm thinking about getting an ekit to practice on. I hear a lot of horror stories about practicing on e kits and then...
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    Deciding on which drumpad to get.

    I just picked one up for $600. So I'm going to see how good it is. Thanks.
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    Deciding on which drumpad to get.

    I saw that too. But I read all the horror stories about the prior models with crosstalk issues so I steered away from those. How long have you had it? No issues so far?
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    Deciding on which drumpad to get.

    I'm looking to add a drumpad to my acoustic kit. I'm looking for loop/sample playback, click track, and to use It to accompany my kit with auxiliaries such as cowbells, chimes, blocks, electronic kit sounds , etc. I've been reading up on them and seen the top one's are Roland spd sx and Yamaha...
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    Pork pie Bob snare or Ludwig Supralite

    I'm just looking for opinions What would be the better choice. Pork Pie Bob snare or the Ludwig supralite and why.
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    Tama SLP G bubinga snare or Pork pie Bob snare.

    If you guys had a pick what would it be Tama SLP g Bubinga or the pork pie Bob snare?
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    Remo black x heads

    I have a acquired a Tama SLP Bubinga and started to experiment with heads. I tried the Evans G2 and Remo power stroke 3 and they sound sweet on it. I recently tried the Remo black x and it seemed like for me to get a good tone this thing had to be cranked. I typically start with a drum dial to...