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  1. gish

    Drum myths you heard/believed when you were younger

    I believe Regal Tip drills a hole in the butt and inserts a plastic plug. The sticks are then hung by the plug during the lacquering process. They simply cut it off when the stick is fully finished.
  2. gish

    Drum myths you heard/believed when you were younger

    A few I heard in my formative years.... - Zildjian cymbals are the best; everything else is junk - Yamaha drums are terrible; what would a motorcycle company know about making drums - great drums are only made out of maple - drums are supposed to be muffled - DW drums sound the best; everyone...
  3. gish

    Hardest “simple” things to play on drums

    I’ve seen videos of your playing. The only thing I’d guess would be difficult for you is NOT sounding great! I really enjoy your brush work.
  4. gish

    Hardest “simple” things to play on drums

    How about hi hat quarter notes with the foot on the upbeat. I found that to be deceptively challenging. I have become somewhat obsessed with hi hat footwork recently after realizing how deficient I was in that area.
  5. gish

    Never posted me playing before, so here goes!

    I kept waiting for some double bass runs and 32nd note tom fills; maybe next time. On a serious note, nice playing; the song flowed and grooved nicely. Very tasteful; I like it.
  6. gish

    Ludwig Neusonic issue

    Initial thoughts without having more info- - how are you tuning it? If you’re at just above wrinkle then perhaps this drum needs more tension to come to life - is the drum out of round? Take the batter head off and measure in a few different spots - bearing edge issue? Visually inspect the...
  7. gish

    Would you? Potential trade

    Beautiful finish on that Renown kit! Would you mind posting back here after you’ve had some time with the kit and share your thoughts? I have become infatuated with the Gretsch sound over the past year and am considering swapping my Starclassic for a Renown.
  8. gish

    Suggest Some Cymbals

    Thanks for the responses. Some feedback- -No offense but PST7s are the exact opposite of what I’m looking for - Not looking to add to what I have; looking for a complete set of cymbals that are general purpose but darker than my current set - the breakbeat ride is a cool little cymbal but...
  9. gish

    Would you? Potential trade

    I find it kind of ironic that this is the advice from the guy who has done more kit flipping than anyone on this forum. Do as I say but not as I do? To the OP; you don’t care for your drums. You have an opportunity to trade them for not one but 2 excellent kits. Seems like a no brainer to be...
  10. gish

    Suggest Some Cymbals

    About me- I’m a weekend gigging drummer playing classic rock/pop stuff. My current cymbal set is fine; 15” new beats, 18” medium thin crash, 21” sweet ride. My cymbals are on the bright side of the spectrum. I find myself wanting a darker, more “mature” sound so to speak. Nothing too crazy...
  11. gish

    Lessons from trying to go cheap

    Guitar Center has 4 or 5 of those kits for sale in their used section, all in the mid $600 range. Excellent value, very well built drums. Looks wise they’re kind of plain, but one of these kits used is a far better buy than any new Stage Custom or equivalent. Not even close IMO.
  12. gish

    How much thought do you put into what you play at a gig?

    If a song has a signature fill or groove then I’ll make sure I’m faithful to it. Other than that, I sort of try to empty my head and react to the music. Trust that I know what I’m doing and play with taste (although I’m not certain that’s always the case lol).
  13. gish

    Lessons from trying to go cheap

    Shell hardware for the win. I too went cheaper for a bit; owned a current version Stage Custom for a short while. Sounded fine; my main issue was bass drum spurs. Seemed very cheap and flimsy. They didn’t inspire confidence for the long haul. My Starclassic kit on the other hand is built...
  14. gish

    Ever had a band or genre of music that you shouldn't like...but you do?

    I love country. Old country, outlaw country, new country; loved it since I was a kid. My uncle used to play guitar and sing country songs at family reunions when I was a kid. My wife and I saw Luke Bryan a few months ago and had a blast. We’re going to see Luke Combs next month, Little Big...
  15. gish

    Deepest sounding toms

    Larry pretty much nailed it. I’d say even more important than the wood type, if you really want deep sounding drums, is to go big. 13”-14” rack toms, 18” floor tom, 24”-26” bass drums. Just thought I’d add that to my ear the pitch of the drums goes lower when you get further away. What...
  16. gish

    Difference between these heads

    Hydraulics give you one sound, and that’s it. As long as that’s the sound you want; there is no way to open them up more sound wise. As stated above you’d be better off going with a more open sounding head, and adding muffling to get the sound you’re after. That way if you want to change your...
  17. gish

    Do beginners really need pro drum kits???

    As a father of 5, I can say that it’s a great feeling to be able to provide my children with everything they need to excel in life. Personally I applaud parents that are willing to spend when their child shows interest in something. Often the parent doesn’t have much knowledge on the matter...
  18. gish

    Yamaha stage custom or Tama superstar classic

    Gretsch Renowns, Tama Starclassics, and Mapex Saturns are the pro level kits I find most often used at great prices. I had a Saturn for 8 years (used for an awful lot of gigs and rehearsals) and have had a Starclassic B/B for close to a year. Both are very well made kits with excellent shell...
  19. gish

    Best Approach to re-build kit

    Lots of great advice here (as always on Drummerworld). Now, where can you find all of this reasonably priced gear? You have Craigslist, Facebook marketplace. Also, while I’m not a fan of guitar center in general, they have a fantastic selection of used gear at reasonable prices. I’ve been...
  20. gish

    Upgrading Hi-Hat & Snare Stand

    Single braced stuff like the Yamaha 600/700 is just fine, even if you’re a pounder like Mr Ronzo above. It comes down to how you’re using it. One cymbal per stand? Single braced all day long. Clamping toms and multiple cymbals from each stand? Stepping up to double braced stands is probably...