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  1. AzHeat

    15" Hi Hats Shootout - 10 Hats, 5 Manufacturers

    That would be an excellent video!
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    Buy drum heads at Guitar Center and you'll get ripped off

    You have to buy them together and arriving from the same source. If they break them up at all is where the problems arise. I'm not sure why they don't do this already, but there are items, which won't ship free, unless with another qualified item. For some reason this doesn't apply to heads...
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    Drum myths you heard/believed when you were younger

    I bow my head in shame!!!😔
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    Buy drum heads at Guitar Center and you'll get ripped off

    The truth of the matter is, while we love to hate GC (me included), most mom and pop shops closed, because they couldn't compete. Now we're stuck with crews more interested in petrie dish experiments on their hair than actually helping someone. If we keep going down the path of ordering...
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    Sabian Cymbals

    There's another thread on the Complex series. Too new for many to have heard in person, but from what I've heard on YT, I'd say They by no means replace any of the HHX line, but add too. In other words, if you were 100% into 18" crashes, you could get one of each line and have everything...
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    Hardest “simple” things to play on drums

    Sublime - Santeria. Never gave that song a second thought. Seemed total cake walk and boring, then I tried playing it. Gee, it sounded simple! It actually really is. There's nothing to it, but feel....all feel...
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    Buy drum heads at Guitar Center and you'll get ripped off

    Not an issue for me. They have priced matched Amazon every time.
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    Unbelieveable! GC just relisted the fake snare.

    One of my GC disasters was a vintage DW 5000 pedal in "Excellent Condition." When I got it it had a bout 50 pounds of sand caked on to it and the bearings were shot. I would have returned it immediately, but figured I'd clean it up and see what it looks like underneath. It surprisingly...
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    Very classy indeed. That was news worth waking up to.
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    Ordered a used snare from Guitar Center.

    I’ve either gotten gems or junk from GC. My current Brooklyns were a GC find. Arrived with stock heads in almost mint condition and absolutely no marks on the drums anywhere. I got a Starphonic Bubinga, Falcon HH stand, bass drum pedal and a Yamaha double pedal, which were all mint as well...
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    Which is better at selling a drum set? Ebay or Reverb?

    One thing I didn't mention previously. eBay used to allow you to block buyers with low ratings. They still do, but the threshold is much lower. You also can't say things like bids will be cancelled, do not bid, or any verbiage that would offer a seller protection, with a negative flair...
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    15" Hi Hats Shootout - 10 Hats, 5 Manufacturers

    Fantastically well done video. As for which I'd like.....hmmmm...I've listened to them again over the last three days and I'll give them a 7 out of 10. 7 I'd like to have an 3 I'd pass on. Just like the crash comparison video. Really narrowed it down for me. LOL!
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    Cutting a hole in the bass drum...How big, methods etc...

    For the price of a hole cutter, why would you spend the time to heat a can, handle with oven mitt, risk screwing up the hole, because you can't exactly measure and risk having it not work as intended? Give me a $7 hole cutter and I can cut a hole in less time than it takes to heat the can. I...
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    Which is better at selling a drum set? Ebay or Reverb?

    Good to hear the positive comments for Reverb. I had a similar experience as Vintage Old School. Sold over 16,000 items on eBay, though I only received feedback for half and maintained a 100% seller rating from day 1. Had a buyer with sketchy reviews bid (I usually canceled them) before the...
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    I reread the title and the OP stated he wanted to re-design the idea of the drum set. I actually quite like that. It’s more of a psychological control thing. Think Star Wars...these are not the androids you are looking for... ...these drums are not noisy...move along 🤣
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    Suggest Some Cymbals

    I played in a Classic Rock band for a bit. My HHX Evolutions sat in very nicely. Any of the crashes 17 or larger would be great. 16 is too short and bright for the genre. Either the 21 or 22" rides would work well too. Having said that, the new Zildjian K Sweet or HHX Complex lines would...
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    The only thing I see worthwhile would be a Cone of Silence for drums. A reverse version of Boss noise canceling headphones would work too. No worries about mistriggers, cymbal feel, tone quality, complaining neighbors. Just all out bliss!
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    Formula for how many snare drums you need

    I have 3 and will be offloading 1. My Gretsch Bronze has more overtones and a bottom end thump and my Gretsch Cast Aluminum has less overtones and a nice pop. Both are 6.5x14. I can pretty much cover anything between the two. The third doesn't seem to have a personality of its own, so it's...
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    Any info on the Gretsch Limited Edition Gold Series Maple Snare?

    Yo could compare a Marquee and Renown side by side. Marquee is a Renown without silver sealer. Not a ton of Marqees being sold though, so that may say something.
  20. AzHeat

    Would you? Potential trade

    I spent months and countless dollars I could have put forth on a kit, wasting time trying to get my old set to my liking. Got my Gretsch and even my wife noticed the difference. Same heads, same tuning (Tune-Bot), different shells, bearing edges and hoops and voila! With all the ...I can make...