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    Circuitry - cool prog metal drumming!

    Check it out guys! Got some cool stuff going on in this tune. Check it out!!
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    Circuitry (fast progressive metal) drum playthrough

    Hey guys, check out this playthrough vid I did for my band Circuitry. If you like the music be sure to like the page:
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    Prog Rock/Metal band Circuitry drum play through

    Check it out guys! Some technical stuff in here.. Description is in the detail. I hope you like :)
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    SJC vs. DW Custom Kit

    Hello all... It seems as if I am in the market for a custom kit. As you could tell by the title of this thread...I've narrowed it down to two companies: SJC and DW. Have any of you ordered through DW's "Kit Builder"? How about through SJC? What was your experience with either? How did the kit...
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    Zildjian Cymbal Stacks?

    Anyone have any cymbal stacks using only Zildjian cymbals? I'm looking to make one using either a china/hi-hat or china/splash. Let me know what you use! I'm curious
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    Rock/Metal drummers: Kick drum beaters that give you a real "click"?

    Hello all. I'm in the market for new kick drum beaters. I've been using the DW plastic ones with my Pearl Demon Drive for the past 6 years or so and they're pretty worn out.. So I ditched them and bought the Tama Iron Cobra Rubber beaters. They were ruined after one 45 min. set. So I've been...
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    Problems with D'Addario...

    Hey guys. I wanted to discuss the quality of Evans Drumheads and Promark Sticks ever since their new ownership by D'Addario. Until recently, I have been a long time fan of Evans and even more so of Pro Mark. However, I started to notice that since their new ownership, the quality has diminished...