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    THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

    ISO: drum kit in a 24,13,16 setup. I’m located in Alberta Canada so I would need the seller to be able to ship here. Only thing is it has to be 24x14-15 BD, 13x9 rack, and 16x14 floor. Not particular to any brands. The 16x14 floor is the kicker here, as it’s more the “fast tom” size and...
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    Does anyone own, or played a Yamaha stage custom in a 24,13,16 setup?

    Im on the hunt for a new kit, as I’ve been playing the same kit my whole life. It’s a Saturn in a 24,14,16 setup. Didn’t realize till the other day you can order a 24,13,16 setup in a stage custom for super cheap brand new. I think around $800 Canadian. Anyway, I’m just wondering if anyone had...
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    ISO: Looking for a tama starclassic B/B 12x9 rack tom

    Just as title says, I’m looking for a starclassic B/B 12x9 rack tom in molten brown burst. Help!