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  1. Supraman5x14

    RIP Eddie Money

    Eddie Money passed away earlier today. One of the realy good people in Rock and Roll. I remember seeing him a few times in the 80's and early 90's, and have to say, he and his bands always played their hearts out. You always got the impression he really loved his fans, and received their love...
  2. Supraman5x14

    Weird Acrolite

    So almost six months has passed since I dipped into the used Acrolite waters. I came up with a drum that I literally had to punch the batter head off from the underside to remove it. That was strange enough, given the fact, that, the bottom head fit perfectly. I've seen drums that, when out...
  3. Supraman5x14

    Evans Power Center Heads

    Perhaps I missed something, but I was on the Evans website, and couldn't find Power Center heads for toms. They were listed for snares, however. Can anyone shed some light on their availability?
  4. Supraman5x14

    Drum Head Shelf Life

    Hello All, I was thinking about purchasing some heads on sale to put in storage as sort of a hedge against inflation. I was wondering if the materials (epoxies, polyester films) involved in modern drum head construction lend themselves to resiliency, over say, a five to ten year period of time...
  5. Supraman5x14

    Cymbal Box Sets

    I'm a new forum member who has not bought new cymbals in many years. I was hoping to get some opinions on buying pre-boxed cymbal sets, particularly cast cymbals. It seems to me, that, this sort of option defeats the purpose of hand selecting one's cymbals and having indiviual instruments to...