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  1. BonsaiMagpie

    Picking a new snare drum

    How do you decide on a new snare drum? Toms and a kick are easy to pick. They are tuned high, mid, or low and you put skins on that reduce or enhance the sustain, tone and power (lets not get into mounting systems etc.) But each snare drum has such incredibly different sounds with different...
  2. BonsaiMagpie

    Turning down the job

    Looking at the Fired from the band thread, I thought I'd start a "The Band I turned Down" thread. I auditioned with the bunch of lads who responded to a post on FB I made about looking for a new band. They were late, complained about the rehearsal room amplifier being too quiet compared to the...
  3. BonsaiMagpie

    Yamaha FP9

    Just got the Yamaha FP9C double pedal home from the shop. I am nott looking for advice or comparison nor am I ready to give a review. Been playing for about half an hour and I'm so damn happy. That's all I've got to say about that.
  4. BonsaiMagpie

    Singing Drummers

    I'm the occasional lead singer (different leads on different songs) and drummer of my band. I currently use a mic on a boom stand higher than my head angling downwards towards me with the microphone facing downwards towards me. This comes in from the left (right handed drummer) and is almost the...