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  1. Captain Bash

    Are the Black Beauty and supraphonic still the snares to own?

    Just because something is popular or purported to be the most recorded doesn’t make it right for you. For example the Ford escort was a very popular car in the 1980s but do you want to own one in 2019 (apologies to all escort owners past n present). I think it’s better to define what sound you...
  2. Captain Bash

    Lost gear...sigh

    Larry, Ohh that’s really annoying, good luck recovering your pedal, at least you have backup. I am pretty sure all regular giging drummers have left something behind at some point. As you state this usually happens when our routine is broken. Don’t beat yourself up over it, bound to happen at...
  3. Captain Bash

    Quality 14" Cymbal Bag

    Dedicated hi hat bags do exist, I once bought a pair of Paiste 602 hats from a bloke down the pub and they came with a lovely high quality 14 bag. Never seen one like it since though.
  4. Captain Bash

    Question About 20" vs 22" Bass Drum

    I think it all depends on the balance of your kit and the volume and low end of the rest of the music you are playing, I use to run with 20” when I played in a band with super low end supplied by samplers. In this way my kick wasn’t competing and it sounded great tuned medium using a super kick...
  5. Captain Bash

    15" K Custom Special Dry Hats - Worth It?

    I regularly interchange between 14 and 15 hats for gigs ( Bosphorus Stanton Moore series) and provided the room isn’t too lively don’t find the 15” s overwhelmingly but I do have to adjust my touch a little. I actually like the way 15 afford me to be able to back off and let the...
  6. Captain Bash

    15" K Custom Special Dry Hats - Worth It?

    Greetings to you, I have a pair of 1st generations Zildjian K Custom SD hats. The14” they are really great hats to record with, very articulate. But rather than attempting to describe them here is video link (not me). It’s my understanding that the 2nd generation KSD are less dry and so lose...
  7. Captain Bash

    Zildjian Avedis New Beat 14" Hi-Hat Cymbals--Advice required

    Yes Zildjian New Beat hats can work for a small jazz combo but........ you might have to use a lighter stick to keep the volume down as NBs can be pretty loud.
  8. Captain Bash

    Thoughts on hearing protection

    Whenever I play loud music I use my moulded in ears with various dB filters. However if playing lighter music I don’t bother. Despite having done twenty plus years of guitar band gigging I will say the worst hearing incident I suffered was in a recording studio. The engineer sent howling...
  9. Captain Bash

    what to do with unwanted cymbals?

    Use them as musical frisbees.......
  10. Captain Bash

    Solid-Ply Snare Drum Shootout

    I play funk and the Dunnett Cherry would work for that...yes please....
  11. Captain Bash

    Which drum throne would you choose?

    Tama 1st chair with round top seat, four legs really are better than three in terms of stability.
  12. Captain Bash

    what to do with unwanted cymbals?

    Another view, you ask what to do with unwanted cymbals, give them away to a school or music programme where others will be set on the drumming pathway,
  13. Captain Bash

    How much for that pedal?

    Just like with cymbals, snares etc....above a certain level the gains made are very very small. All this technology in pedals and yet few if any have a better single foot than Bonham. It’s the player not the gear...... I use Axis longboard single on light gigs (not for speed but for controlled...
  14. Captain Bash

    Opinions-About to order new drum set

    Personally I wouldn’t use an 8 and 10 in the same set-up, 10, 12, 16, 22 are in my experience complementary size intervals. Actually, if you want really distinct tom tones then 10, 13, 16 can make a lot of sonic sense, in that a medium tuned snare drum can sit between the 10 and 13. Not a lot...
  15. Captain Bash

    Extra Thin trashy crash cymbals - ideas please!

    If money isn’t a deciding factor then either Istanbul agop signature in a larger size 18, 19, 20. Or zildjian special dry crash (2nd generation) in 19”. All of the above are trashy, dry and can work as rides.
  16. Captain Bash

    What are your favorite albums?

    This is great because......The wedding present....are the worst band I have ever seen live and by some margin. So bad I can even recall it was in Kilburn, London. Don’t get me wrong, each to there own, but youthey were truly terrible, so much so that I have an allergic reaction more than 20 yrs...
  17. Captain Bash

    What are your favorite albums?

    Love Supreme, John Coltrane Vs, Pearl Jam Hard Days Night, The Beatles Hank Mobley, Soul Station Roots, Sepultura Quark Strangness and Charm, Hawkwind
  18. Captain Bash

    OK I changed my mind

    Larry, if you like EMAD 1 which to my ear really strongly shapes a kick drums sound then a PS 3 probably won’t suit your aims unless you are after something different. I really like PS 3 on my 22 maple kick when paired with a fibre skin resonant, but this delivers a pretty open less shaped...
  19. Captain Bash

    Your personal least favorite set you actually owned.

    Easy, for me least favourite drum is the legendary LM400 Ludwig Supraphonic never lived up to the hype, in terms of playability and sound delivery, an average drum. Funnily enough my favourites are Dunnett Titanium and Brady Stave which Steady Freddy isn’t so fond of -viva la...
  20. Captain Bash

    Yamaha And Bosphorus

    Just a pic of my giging set up. Yamaha to maple 12,16 toms n 22 kick with 14 x 6.5 Dunnett titanium snare and Bosphorus cymbals 15, 18, 22, 20,20. Tama first chair, DW pedal, hardware Yamaha except hi-hat stand. I prefer to pick the best from many brands.