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  1. Ransan

    Does anyone here practice double bass, with no musical need for it?

    That’s a good observation - I will say rudimentary and phrasing, when you play the hats, you’re left chick and most releases are normally on the pulse of the beat, whether it’s quarters, eights, sixteenths, whole notes, etc… When your left footed shifts to double bass, the right is on the pulse...
  2. Ransan

    Need advice for choosing a Drum Kit

    There’s more foot traffic there than the party release at the starting gate. Just teasing buddy. 🙂 To OP - don’t twist my arm to say what I’d go with, I will say go for what you like. 👍🏽
  3. Ransan

    Does anyone here practice double bass, with no musical need for it?

    Dang sounds like a good crew - I’d be in if it was ok with Larry and you guys. I could schlep a coupla things over - I’d bring the Demon Drive, maybe that will get your bird a flyin’ Larry. Wait - who’s Brian?
  4. Ransan

    Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

    That’s a mean righty ‘cigarette’ grip.
  5. Ransan

    Your Off Topic, good news story of the day.

    Cool! First time seeing this thread. Here’s something I’ve wanted to share for a while, but didn’t have the guts nor wanted to make a posted thread. But here it goes. My uncle and godfather Mike, who met my maternal aunt while attending WT in early 80s, has been one of my biggest influences...
  6. Ransan

    First time using Remo Black Dots. Love them!

    Beautiful - welcome to the cŁub! That looks sweet, something about them that has enticing aura. They have such a cool sound and look too. I’ll put CS Dots on anything, currently have a clear one on my Pearl Jupiter, and it has a very nice bright bite. Here’s my kit recording from my iPhone...
  7. Ransan

    Please help identify this Ludwig kit

    Looks like a white cortex kit not sure of model. You may ask seller what color are interiors? Someone may be better suited - but if I’m not mistaken, interiors of wood or grey with visible plies of wood then it’s maple/pop?, if white then most definitely Vistalite painted white. The white...
  8. Ransan

    "Fix it" in Auto-Tune

    Who the hell cares! Just practice practice and practice! The goal is to timely strike appropriate colors along the incoming and color corresponding dots - I think it’s really neat to see the little ones take off - music is simple! This ‘band’ Blind Wave gets views on YT not sure if monetizing.
  9. Ransan

    Random thought about acrylic drums

    Hi Larry, I’m not sure about ROI, specifically vintage Vistas that are in good shape. When I first started looking for acrylic concert toms they were around $199 a few years ago. (See Reverb for Ludwig Vistalites.) I am quite sure I can get 2x of what I purchased my kit for - even if it meant...
  10. Ransan

    "Fix it" in Auto-Tune

  11. Ransan

    Show us your Four Piece Kits.

  12. Ransan

    Cosmo Clearwater Revival

    Oh yeah he is definitely one of my favorites. Thanks for his pie layout 👍🏽 Didn’t know he had 18s for hats, I wonder where he got the idea. Were contemporaries doing the same with large hats? As a teen, I Saw Creedence Clearwater Revisited with Cos and Stu, at the Civic Center in Amarillo...
  13. Ransan

    The conundrum of the 8" rack tom

    I love drums of all sizes. I have a 6” and 2 - 8”s the cut they provide at the start of a fill or assembly of combos. Here is my Vista with the 6” and 8” over the 16” and 18” floors. Here is Peter Criss with the 6” and 8” over his 16” and 18” floors. Yes - I understand utility and lean...
  14. Ransan

    "Fix it" in Auto-Tune

    agreed Linda could sing like a bird and had a powerful voice - this is my all time favorite from her:
  15. Ransan

    Another Left Hand Query

    @Al Strange don’t get @jda going, he does well on his own… Yes you are correct about functionality - in general. However, speaking drums, I’m not sure the intent of the OP was to have a left hat crossover just a good a’figurin’ as the right hat crossover along with back beat/ghost note...
  16. Ransan

    Another Left Hand Query

    All good answers. I think @toddbishop has the correct framing in that being able to lead with alternate hands is more or less the more important goal. For me this is how I look at it. In school we had to learn the rudiments, there was 26 we didn't go into the hybrids, this was late 90s-early...
  17. Ransan

    Using crash cymbals as high hats

    Every pair I've heard as I have tried myself sound utterly dull, crunchy, and as clean as a heralding "knight's jog in armor" chick. By the way to those who do use crashes, besides thickness and density, are you taking into consideration the bow and bell profiles? With Sabian, even in the same...
  18. Ransan

    New Guy Here

    Welcome - Nice Kit 👋🏽 Don’t mind ‘the Pearl get no love talk’, there’s plenty of us who like/love the brand here. 👍🏽
  19. Ransan

    Every time...

    Yea he was a bully to the Stage Custom bunch - Some people got a kick. Whether that is considered ‘tough’ is debatable. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  20. Ransan

    Every time...

    The mystery deepens. I Miss the dude. But @felonious69 Highlander - “every time you draw the sword”? I’m not into people playing my drums neither, I’m thinking the blades unsheathed in plain sight wards those people off? However, the run below much sums state of the forum fanatic sect efforts...