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  1. DrumEatDrum

    Tommy Aldridge drumeo

    I haven't watched all of this video yet, but Tommy has mentioned in the past his 2nd bass drum was completely eliminated from the final mix. As far as the trend, I don't know. While I love the songs, I think all of Ozzy's 1st four solo albums have pretty poor audio production. And outside of...
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    Jim Gordon RIP

    I'm the opposite. I don't think he deserves any appreciation. The dude stabbed his own mother. I can't image how horrible of an experience it must have been to have her own son do that to her.
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    The conundrum of the 8" rack tom

    When Premier announced they were going to discontinue the Signia line, I was able to order an 8" tom right before production stopped. It has been used on 0 gigs. Maybe it made a brief appearance on a recording where I set up all my toms and did some ambient drum fills (?). Either way, it has...
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    New Guy Here

  5. DrumEatDrum

    Lars Ulrich

    Oh yeah. Oops, those goes my memory again. :ROFLMAO:
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    Things I don’t like drummers to do

    Going to disagree on this one. Too many guitarists and bassists think they have perfect time when in fact, they rush and speed up like crazy, and then blame the drummer for not keeping time. I played with a bassist for a long time who was always on my case about not having a good sense of...
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    Things I don’t like drummers to do

    I have to agree. As a drummer, it's so fun to do! I think I'm adding important value to the music! But when I'm in the audience, yeah, it comes off as just stepping on the music.
  8. DrumEatDrum

    Would you gig with a "bad" band?

    When I was in my early 20's, sure I took every gig I could, now matter how bad. But after a while, I was pretty over it. If I don't like the music, I lose interest. If the band is bad, I'd just assume stay home
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    Post your most obscure, "no one ever heard of" music

    In the early 90's I met a drummer Matt that I became friends with. He then joined this band. I used to see them play around San Francisco all the time. They ended up getting signed a big deal with Warner Brothers Records. The label flew the band to England to make the album with a name producer...
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    Melodic dark metal

    Ah, this was the post! I ended up not only getting into Soen, but I saw them in December and I bought all their CDs. All from this post! Thank you!
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    Why did you get fired?

    I was gigging with this one band 3 nights a week at a dive bar. The bandleader would have a bottle of something in his pocket. Not every night, but by the end of some nights he was so sloshed that this time was all over the place, and he got mad at me for not keeping able to be in time with him...
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    I quit the band. Why did you quit?

    The one band I quit was because the lead singer/songwriter had a bad case of LSD, drank too much, and generally acted like we were in Motley Crue but without the money to clean up the mess or pay for rehab. All my other bands just kind of faded off.
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    Should Have Stopped (after the first album)

    I'm surprised at Van Halen coming up more than once. I'm probably the only person on the planet who thinks "Balance" was their best overall album. (Not even Sammy Hagar agrees with me :ROFLMAO:)
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    The dummy kick

    A remote hat with a cable set up and required hardware would be more weight and more complicated setup/tear down than the 2nd kick.
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    They are going to be big

    Nice. Zonder let you help? My impressions of him are he's a bit of a hard ass. When I worked at West LA Music he would call up the store to buy stuff for this studio business (never anything drum related) and he would give the pro audio guys a hard time. I've been following him on FB for...
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    They are going to be big

    Oh, I love them. But I've only really gotten into them in the last few years. And I've since bought their entire back catalog. I would have loved to have seen them back in the day. Their live shows now are kinda meh. But I do love their albums.
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    Should Have Stopped (after the first album)

    Garbage - Their 1st album was great. It had a lot of variety. In their 2nd album, every song sounded kind of the same, same tempo, and the same vibe. They went from cutting edge to pretty boring quickly. Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine was amazing. Every follow-up got worse and worse...
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    They are going to be big

    They really should have been. Not only were they around before DT, but their output got better with time, whereas DT went downhill over time IMHO. But FW really shot themselves in the foot over and over again by not putting in the work. Fates opened for Dream Theater on the Awake tour but then...
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    They are going to be big

    I recall some point in the late 90's, a local music newspaper had my band page featured on page 2. On page 1 was some then unknown band called System of Down. I remember being angry. Why are they on page 1? They will never get signed, no one will ever buy their albums! We should be on page...
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    The dummy kick

    I bought my kit as a double bass drum set. I do think there is nothing quite like having two bass drums. The sound from behind the kit is just different than playing a double pedal. But, as noted, it's not entirely practical. When going from venue to venue and stage to stage, there isn't...