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  1. bigiainw

    Does this bass drum make me look small?

    Your drums don't make you look small. I make you look small...
  2. bigiainw

    Haven't we all felt like this at least once?

    Sorry if this is old news or has been posted before, but I just saw this today and have lost count of the number of times I have been tempted to reproduce this over the years.
  3. bigiainw

    New, old stuff

    Hi folks Thought I'd finally post something worth posting. These tracks were recorded in 2008/9 by a friend of mine, Mick Gaitens. Mick and I had played together for years in cover and function bands but he had recently started to record his own stuff and we decided to do a couple of tracks...
  4. bigiainw

    Mary O- Update

    Hi Folks, Mary asked me to make contact on her behalf as she can't post to the forum currently- she can't remember her password and hasn't been able to reset it- mods, if you can help she would be grateful. There was a post that she made me aware of Mary O APB; I can't find it but it may have...
  5. bigiainw

    I'm a turncoat traitor...

    Yes folks, after years of allegiance to the Zildjian brand, I have just purchased my first s.., I mean s...., SABIAN metal, a 20" AA raw bell crash. I didn't really want to do it, but it was sooo cheap that I couldn't resist. It sounds brilliant too and goes really well with my 19" A custom...
  6. bigiainw

    Manu Catche

    Manu Katche with Peter Gabriel, Glasgow 24/10/13. Digging the Dirt. Effortlessly classy!
  7. bigiainw

    Arejay Hale

    Young chap, drummer with Halestorm doing his thang. You can't deny that he is athletic! Enjoy!
  8. bigiainw

    Wot, no security blanket?

    So, I have a gig this weekend in Skye (an island off the west coast of Scotland). We usually travel up (just under 200 miles) on Saturday afternoon, play the gig, have some drinks, stay overnight and head down on the Sunday. Normally I have use of our family minibus (big family!) but we have...
  9. bigiainw

    You know it makes sense!

    My wife did and she says it was a good thing, so it must be true... She's always right, and she said that I could tell you all that.
  10. bigiainw

    Guru scores again!

    Just wanted to say that the recent drummer magasine review of the Guru Capuccino kit was probably the most favourable review of anything I've ever seen. Congrats Andy, it seems you have yet another winner on your hands there!
  11. bigiainw

    Ebay crimes against innocent drums...

    I can't find the old dire set up thread and couldn't avoid posting this one, beautiful kit assembled by morons! Sacrelige!
  12. bigiainw

    Guitar centre drum off winner 2012.

    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but this guy is incredible.
  13. bigiainw

    My rudiments may suck......

    ... but my wife and I do produce exceptionally good babies. Say hi to Lily, born Tuesday at 11.28am, weighing in at a fairly substancial 8lbs 15.5oz.
  14. bigiainw

    Trying to encourage my daughter...

    So, my youngest, Abi, who is seven, has shown a bit of interest in playing drums and from a few short goes at playing my much too big for her kit. So I decided to asseble a little "bitsa" kit for as little money as I could manage using some used shells and some bits and pieces I had lying...
  15. bigiainw

    Rock and Roll Medley

    Here's my first post chaps and chapesses, hope you enjoy it!
  16. bigiainw

    My snare drums

    Thought I'd post a few pics of my snares. I don't have a big or expensive collection, but I think with these 4 drums have most of the bases covered. My current go to snare is the steel Black Panther, but the others get a regular work out too.
  17. bigiainw

    This is incredible...

    I'm not usually one for posting videos in here, but I found this by way of a couple of suggestion clicks from a video previously posted and I couldn't not share it. these guys are teenagers at a high school talent show. If I'd have gone here, maybe I'd be a better drummer? Enjoy...
  18. bigiainw

    RIP Robbie France

    Just heard today that the original drummer with Skunk Anansie, Robbie France, died at the weekend. He was only 52. I had the joy of meeting Robbie back in the early 90's 2 or 3 times - he was doing loads of clinics for Zildjian at the time and a nicer, more down to earth guy you couldn't hope to...
  19. bigiainw

    Playing with my band

    This is a video made some time ago as a marketing tool for my band "The Shine". We're a covers band from central Scotland, although we do play some original material too, but our market is "Pub Rock". Incidentially, I played this entire gig with a severed tendon in my right thumb- just weeks...