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  1. evilg99

    Gretsch VS. Ludwig Shotout!

    This is kinda like Strat vs. Tele. The only right answer is, of course - both!
  2. evilg99

    Ludwig Copperphonic Snare

    Here is a much better demo of the pewter Copperphonic, short but gives you a good idea. In the capable hands of Carter Mac....
  3. evilg99

    Ludwig Copperphonic Snare

    Or maybe it took Ludwig 5 months to get Sweetwaters' stock to them...?
  4. evilg99

    New Gretsch Renown '57

    One of the reasons why I moved up, for sure. It was eating away at me...."but they aren't USA Customs"... I too prefer playing some Yamaha kits that aren't necessarily the 'top tier' kits. I had a PHX but didn't prefer them. I prefer original gold lug Maple Customs and 8000/Tour Custom series...
  5. evilg99

    New Gretsch Renown '57

    The Renowns sound very, very close to the USA Customs, no question and quality is 100% on par. I would have a very hard time picking one from the other in a blindfolded test. The 'Renown Recipe' has changed a bit with each version, the earliest RN1 had a similar Square Badges as USA Customs of...
  6. evilg99

    New Gretsch Renown '57

    I bought a Red '57 Renown Bop kit when they were being discontinued and blown out in 2012.....just found the email: Paid $729 +$100 for the four piece bop kit. Insane. This was my entry into modern Gretsch, and I was absolutely blown away by the quality and the sound. While I thought the...
  7. evilg99

    British Drum Co Aviator snares

    Yes, very common, especially with a lot of drum videos from about 5 years ago. Really bad close miking techniques (do you really think that what a snare drum sounds like from 10 feet away) AND everything sounding the same. Cheap mics, cheap preamps, too much EQ, too much compression, etc etc...
  8. evilg99

    British Drum Co Aviator snares

    I wasn't aware that this was a common theme, because I haven't played or heard any others. Only heard a few online samples of the Bluebird, and that sounded absolutely great. I try to not have an opinion on something that I haven't played in, I'll keep this in mind in the future...
  9. evilg99

    British Drum Co Aviator snares

    Hey yeah that's cool - just saying the drum wasn't for me. As I mentioned, I am blown away by their attention to detail and build quality. Awesome drums and you know I would probably love it if I was watching/hearing someone else play it. Just didn't meet my expectations. I have too many snare...
  10. evilg99

    British Drum Co Aviator snares

    I really like BDC and what they are doing. Well built drums, lots of fine details and attention to the little things. However. I think you need to hear it first to make a good decision. I had a 6.5 Maverick snare, and while it was built very well and was beautiful, I returned it because I could...
  11. evilg99

    I need that thick, deep, Nashville country music snare drum! What do I get?

    Even though I'm more of a Gretsch guy than Ludwig - for Country , I'd say Ludwig Legacy Mahogany 13/16/22 with a 6.5" Hammered Black Beauty. Mahogany for that sub-low deep, thumpy , punchy kind of sound. They have a jaw-dropping low end punch that other musicians instantly love (and hopefully...
  12. evilg99

    A possibly flaming thread

    Bo, you bring up this same topic at least 3/4 times a year, why? Always the same argument/rant/post - everything is good, nothing matters, we all play Mustang Sally, who cares ? I care. Lots of us care. This is the section of the website ( Drum Gear/Drums) where we discuss DRUM GEAR. What we...
  13. evilg99

    How many of you drummers can play the guitar.

    Yup, been playing for about 35 years (started playing at about age 15) and own 5 electrics, a bass and 2 acoustics. Have even played gigs as both a bassist and a guitar player. Still will always be a drummer first , starting at age 7. Learning guitar and bass taught me a lot about playing...
  14. evilg99

    New Set Landed

    Congrats! 18x12 is a great size!
  15. evilg99

    Future 'Vintage' Drums

    Signed Craviotto will def be sought after ...already are.
  16. evilg99

    Let's see your Remo Colortones !

    Put 'em up! Especially matching resonant bass drum heads! I want to see an orange Colortone on a maple drum kit....or anything! Lots of interesting possibilities...
  17. evilg99

    Would a 20x10 bass drum work for small gigs?

    Yesssss. 20x12 is the magic size ! Just right.
  18. evilg99

    Hi hat foot chick volume

    Have you tried throwing one of those ching rings on the top hat? Maybe the flexible ones that Big Fat Snare Drum makes? Not exactly a hi hat foot sound but you will defintely hear it. I use one when I really need the 2 and 4 to cut through...
  19. evilg99

    What’s the “Supra” of Piccolos?

    That ^^ snare sounds so good I want to cry. Piccolos are , it seems snare drum that most drummers at least try. I tend to only like piccolos that sound good tuned medium-medium low (not cranked up high) . These are the ones that I have crossed paths with : I used to own one of those wacky...
  20. evilg99

    Yamaha Maple Custom 30th Anniversary

    Stunning kit you have there, and amongst the finest sounding drums Yamaha has ever made. That finish is 'jar of unicorn tears' rare ! I'll bet there aren't more than 10 of those ever made.