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    Bought 2 jazz drumming books to expand my horizons...thoughts?

    Hey all, So I'm primarily more of a heavy hitter. My comfort zone is basic rock/alternative/punk. Put on any Foo Fighters or Green Day record and I can hang with it cover to cover no problem. Lately though I've been feeling very stagnant and feel like I've plateau'd the past couple years. I...
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    Un-doing the caveman approach and turning over a new leaf w/ Moeller

    Hey all, I was fortunate enough to take a lesson with Gil Sharone yesterday and we spent a good portion of the lesson really breaking down the Moeller technique. I'm a self-taught player of 16 years, and have just felt stuck in a stagnant rut the past couple years. I'm a great rock player...
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    PDP 5x14 "The Ace" Brass Snare...what to upgrade "out of the box"?

    Hey all, I got my dad the 6.5x14 for Christmas, and it sounded unreal. I got a good deal through a music store I used to work at for the 5x14. I loved the 6.5x14, but I already have 2 snares that size and a 6x14. I was just curious if anyone had any suggestions as to what I may want to upgrade...
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    Input on working with "Stick Control for the Snare Drummer" please...

    Hey all, I finally just bought "Stick Control for the Snare Drummer", after 16 years of drumming :) I can't wait to crack it open and get working. Just wanted to maybe get some advice from those who have already gotten deep into it. I know it says in the book "practice each line 20 times"...
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    Good "soft" practice pad?

    Hey all, So I currently have an HQ "real feel" pad but am in the market for something with less rebound to strengthen my hands a bit and increase my control without relying so heavily on rebound. I get wary of trusting pads marketed as "soft" after trying the Vater soft pad and finding it to be...
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    Preventing hardware pitting by storing drums/stands?

    Hey all. I live/rehearse/play out often right on the Jersey shore. My house/rehearsal space/regular gigs are all within a mile of the ocean. Would storing my drums/hardware in bags prevent pitting/rust over time? I'm have a new kit on the way, and am probably going to chip away at replacing my...
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    New NJ music store / drum shop!

    Hey everyone, just giving all you New Jersey/New York-based drummers a heads up about a new music store in Asbury Park. Russo Music @ 639 Cookman Avenue below Holdfast Records...currently dealers of Tama, DW, Gretsch, Yamaha, Gibralter, Zildjian, Meinl, Remo, Evans, LP, Roland, Dixon & more...
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    13" A Mastersounds

    Anyone else own these? Just got em a few months back and always get loads of compliments at shows. They're so crisp and cut well and maintain a good full-bodied sound all at once. I would almost compare them to Copeland's Paiste's he used back in the 70's/80's.
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    Drum re-wrapping?

    Anyone ever give this a shot, OR, anyone have any recommendations for a company that will do it? I have a black sparkle kit, looking to make it red sparkle. Happy with the drums, just VERY bored with the wrap. It's not even bad, I'm just bored.
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    Gretsch Renown Maple

    Anyone own a set? I've heard a few local drummers play them at shows and they always sound amazing. I'm looking into the 4 pice Mod Configuration...any feedback?
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    Drums on "All This Time" by Sting?

    Anyone know who played drums on this track? I believe it came out 1990 or 1991. Sounds ALOT like Stewart Copeland, but I find that highly unlikely. The drum sound and the playing is 110% Copeland though. If it's not him they definitely went out of their way to sound like him - at least on this...
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    Copeland fans... buy the new DVD...

    The Police "Certifiable" at Best Buy or a 19 song concert on one DVD, a 50 minute documentary on the other DVD, AND the whole concert live on 2 CD's all for just $25. 5 stars. The quality is unbelievable. VERY good footage, and unlike the Synchronicity live concert, its not...
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    Good news for Stewart Copeland fans!

    Finally after a year of reading shady rumors of a DVD of their farewell tour, here it is! November 11th...good deal too. 2 DVD's and 2 CD's for $25. Not bad at all considering the insane pricing that seemed to plague everything on this tour. Looks great. Judging by the quality of the trailer...
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    "Wrapped Around Your Finger"

    Wow, I just got into the Police about a year and a half ago, always knowing sub-consciously that Copeland is one of the greats, but never really getting too into his work. Within 2 weeks I had all 5 albums as well as the B-Sides/Unreleased stuff from "Message in a Box". I must say though out of...