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  1. prodigy4299

    Bonzo envy

    It's always interesting to listen to interviews of drummers one really looks up to, and to hear how they feel exactly the same way about their heroes.
  2. prodigy4299

    What are you using to lube pedal bearings?

    I am no expert on lubrication, but as a keen cyclist and inline skater know a thing or two. I am seeing some pretty big no-no's being recommended in this thread, so I'll offer my two cents: 1) If you want to relube your bearings, you need to take them out clean them and then relube them. Mixing...
  3. prodigy4299

    Pedal Maintenance 101

    Skateboard and inline skate bearings usually have a relatively thicker lubricant from the factory, compared to what you get when you buy bearing-specific lubricant. The original stuff is meant to be a touch less efficient, but with a longer lifespan. At least on inline skates, once you open up...
  4. prodigy4299

    What's your latest purchase?

    Beautiful snare! Just got an all maple Mapex Black Panther snare myself. I don't know if it is the Sonic Clear Edge or some other property of the drum, but mine has a HUGE tuning range. I was playing around with it, from super high, to grotesquely low, and it continued to sound musical at...
  5. prodigy4299

    I knew it was gonna be a bad gig when...

    ...when the sound guy is 3.5 hours late to the call time. ...when he doesn't bring everything that's on the rider ...when the backline that he brings is so old and crusty that some things randomly work / don't work over the course of the show I had me one of these yesterday. Good show overall...
  6. prodigy4299

    Stick Companies.......The Big 4 (3) and..................

    I have always had a soft spot for Headhunters and Los Cabos, given their Canadian origin. Also, Headhunters have an interesting assortment of maple drum stick sizes I haven't seen in any other company.
  7. prodigy4299

    Maple vs. Hickory Sticks on Ride-Cymbal

    I started adding maple sticks to my bag due to the difference in feel, first and foremost. And for the difference in sound on rack toms (less attack, more body) secondly.
  8. prodigy4299

    What are Some of Your Favorite Sticks

    Anyone else using maple sticks? I love how they sounds on my toms and snare. Less attack, rounder body.