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  1. K Chez

    Rack ID

    Sorry, was away. Yes, it is 1.5" tubes. There's a possibility it could travel, but more than likely it will just be a stay-at-home kit. And yes, since it's just going to be kit #3, I'm not looking to break the bank, just using what I have at my disposal & keep whatever spending I have to do to a...
  2. K Chez

    Why is this config popular?

    To me the sizes aren't as important as the difference between them. One kit is 2" steps, 12-14-16-18 toms w/24 bass, the other is 3" steps, 10-13-16-20 w/24 (20" floor because a 19" doesn't exist!)
  3. K Chez

    What are you listening to right now?

    Stoked for this album - F-ing brutal!!! Coming out in March, can't wait!
  4. K Chez

    Rack ID

    Yes, that was my next question - would an electronic kit rack be sturdy enough to mount acoustic drums and cymbals? I was given a bunch of random shells and have enough to piece together a franken-kit - 10, 12, 13, 14 toms & a 16 floor. Was thinking 3 up and the 14 as a floor along with the 16...
  5. K Chez

    Rack ID

    Yeah, knew it was from some kind of electronic kit, the fluted tubing I hadn't seen before on racks and hardware compatibility was what I was wondering about. What is the standard size tubing on them? (if there is a standard) Was hoping using it was a possibility thinking that it would be a...
  6. K Chez

    Rack ID

    So I was gifted these rack pieces a while back and they've just been sitting, but now I may have a use for them just will need some additional parts. Not ever having used a rack system, I'm not well versed in mfg's, etc., no branding anywhere. Anyone know what this is? Any help appreciated -...
  7. K Chez


    Yes, I did, but forgot to take a photo in my zeal of putting it together. I used a mixture of the wood glue & some fine sawdust (scooped some out of my table saw and worked it through a screen to filter out the chunky stuff & get a baby powder consistency) Block sanded with 240 to even it out...
  8. K Chez


    Chrome cleaned up nice Filling in the holes from the tom mount & bass spurs All filled & smoothed out Last step! Ready to make some noise!!
  9. K Chez

    Alternative to Moon gels?

    Alien Tape is basically the same material as a clear moon gel but in a roll and a lot cheaper.
  10. K Chez


    Another floor tom conversion using a 20" bass drum... What I'm starting with - an old 20" Ludwig Rocker Bearing edge on one side had a lot of dents and dings and a little delamination of the shell Now to get to work... (to be continued)
  11. K Chez


    I had tried that at first, but it didn't help as much as I would have liked. Another suggestion was to adjust the tom tunings, which I did a little, but I was really happy with their sound and didn't want to stray too far from that. I wasn't 100% in love with the snare tone to start with and the...
  12. K Chez


    I just had this same issue with a Pearl Sensitone brass shell snare, cleaned it up by making a zero ring and put it inside the drum on the reso head. It took some experimenting to find the right diameter and width (ended up being 13.5" od X 3/4) Changed tone to be a little warmer but not boxy...
  13. K Chez

    Anyone ever try a zero ring inside on the snare head?

    Did some experiments and surprisingly, this works! Made a 1/2" wide, 13 1/2" ring so it would sit under the bevel of the bearing edge but not touch where the head sits on the shell. Buttoned it all back up, set the batter back to where it was on the Tension Watch - the batter is an Evans coated...
  14. K Chez

    Anyone ever try a zero ring inside on the snare head?

    I have used the Evans ST dry snare head that has the inner ring - I'm talking about the snare reso. Great suggestion - I didn't think of that one, but I'll look into it. I do the cotton ball trick in all my toms and that works great. I did think about trying that with the snare but it's on the...
  15. K Chez

    Anyone ever try a zero ring inside on the snare head?

    Was thinking about trying this - making a zero ring and putting it inside the snare on the snare head. A couple of my toms are making an annoying sustained snare buzz and don't want to go any tighter on the snares & lowering the tension on the snare head didn't help solve it and made the crisp...
  16. K Chez

    Anybody into creating graphics design / art?

    Been a graphic designer for pretty much my whole life - have a sign & vehicle lettering business and do a lot of t-shirts also. Latest shirt design project with some heavy duty illustration (NO clip art/stock images, all vector illustrated in Corel Draw)
  17. K Chez

    Byzance love

    A while back, I was interested in getting the bottom cymbal of the 12" trash stack - I contacted Meinl and was told that it could be ordered on it's own from any Meinl dealer. I imagine that would apply to hi-hats as well. Hope this helps. \m/
  18. K Chez

    The reason my bandmate won't buy his own guitar amp + cab

    Was playing a gig once, third band on a 5 band bill, the drummer from the opening band casually walks up as I'm unpacking/setting up, says "Hey, bro, I have to use your kit". Total stranger, no introduction, no asking, just assuming that's how it was going to happen. Plus they're on 1st, we're...
  19. K Chez

    I think I want heavier round beaters, but do I?

    One adjustment that changes the pedal feel alot is your beater height. Just lowering a half inch can make a noticable difference depending on the weight of the beater. I know a lot of people tend to set the beater to hit the center of the head, but that's not always optimal. (I didn't read...
  20. K Chez

    Triumph Rock & Roll Machine Documentary

    Allied Forces cassette was on constant rotation in my Honda CRX through the mid 80's. Loved Gil Moore's wide open drum sound, perfect fit for a power trio and I never realized how much he sang. Awesome band.