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  1. uniongoon

    12" Butternut

    My friend Richard Jackson flew in from Costa Rica to buy a kit from me, just 4 toms and a kick. I was just assembling this snare drum as he was walking up to the shop. The snare sounded so good right off the bench that he bought it too, I did not even get a chance to play it. The Butternut is...
  2. uniongoon

    Walnut Stave

    Built this a while ago, but was waiting to find some satin finish hoops. Did not find any so I bought some chrome die cast and roughed them up along with the throw off. Much better now. 13X7 Walnut with Olive Ash Burl inlay.
  3. uniongoon

    Spalted Birch full kit build

    Been drying this wood for the past 2 years, from a tree cut down a few doors down from my house. The kick was originally done in two pieces because it was too scary turning it on my lathe in one big chunk, that is a ton of rotating mass. Even in two pieces, one of the halves did not survive and...
  4. uniongoon

    Coffee Sparkle Stave

    13X7 Birdseye Maple Stave Single flange hoops with 10 lugs Automotive Urethane finish
  5. uniongoon

    Slingerland New Vintage

    Finally got this up and running after pissing around with it for the past couple years. NOS Slingerland Radio King steam bent 6 1/2X14 shell. 1940's original era lugs, Trick throw, modern single flange hoops and clips. Original cloud badge, creatively colour matched. Will try and...
  6. uniongoon

    My first sunburst

    Been working too much and have not built anything this year. This Radio King virgin shell has been on the bench for at least a year now, so today I committed to picking a colour combo. I have never attempted a sunburst, an after a few go through attempts I arrived here. The colour is still...
  7. uniongoon

    NOS Slingerland Radio King

    I bought this shell last year from a fellow builder who just never found time to finish it. It came with a factory box from Slingerland and through some research, looking at the markings left from the steam bending process, patina on the wood, we both felt this shell was built in the early 50's...
  8. uniongoon

    13X7 Walnut snare

    Have not been active since last year. Got the urge to finish up and start a few new drum projects. This is first to complete. 13X7 Walnut Stave, with steam bent Walnut re rings
  9. uniongoon

    Carbon fibre

    This snare will be heading to its new home, a recording studio in Nashville. Hopefully it will become a part of music history. Started life as a carbon fibre shell which I was not happy with the overall integrity. I cut it down one inch from both ends, and using a donor 6 ply Maple shell I had...
  10. uniongoon

    '51 Slingerland Resto-mod

    Bought this snare last year, it was ugly and sounded as bad as any snare could. It had elongated holes, was out of shape, bad edges. So I got into rescuing it, and it turned out looking and sounding better than expected. The finish is an automotive base/clear urethane with hand sprinkled flake...
  11. uniongoon

    Special Bubinga

    I was able to buy the cut offs from a spalted and worm holed slice of Bubinga. It was just enough to build a 13X7 snare. Hope you like as much as I do. I made the lug casings from Rosewood My label And the bearing edge after hand cutting
  12. uniongoon

    Have to take a build break

    Have to take care of some other things and building drums will have to take a hiatus. But I am finishing off with a real beauty. I have been putting alot of care and effort into this 14X7 Birdseye maplesnare. 14 staves, die cast hoops, allstar lugs and a Cannon throw all powder coated to match...
  13. uniongoon

    fresh build with video

    One of the greatest things about learning to build is getting to try wood/hardware combinations of my choosing as often as my time and some money allow. Selling the odd drum finances the next. A new technique I am now going to make a regular feature is to inlay the re-ring into the shell. This...
  14. uniongoon

    100 year old mahogany

    Getting over the hump building this kit. It is I guess what we call a short stack kit. The wood is re purposed from a bed built pre 1920's which I scored for $20 at a yard sale. Oddly enough it belonged to a symphony drummer from Peterborough where the bed was originally built. Sizes: 10X7...
  15. uniongoon

    tweak it til it works

    tweak it til it works VIDEO ADDED I build my own drums, some come together first try, and some need a few go rounds to achieve the desired result. Originally this canary wood snare looked too mono tone colour wise. It also did not have the sound I knew it should have. Canarywood is an awesome...
  16. uniongoon

    stuff I am learning

    Just a short video of me goofing in my little room. I have been at this one technique about a year and am almost to the point I can actually use it, way harder than it looks (to me it is anyhow). It is a thing Alan Dawson taught to Steve Smith. Vito Rezza showed it to me. It is at the base a...
  17. uniongoon

    New Diril crash with video

    View My Video This is direct from Turkey. Ibrahaim has developed this line to mimic Zildjian K's. The look is off the charts gorgeous. In my drum room the visible crashes are from left to right, a 16" Zildjian A medium thin crash, a 17" K Zildjian raw bell hybrid, A 20" HH Sabian ride, above...
  18. uniongoon

    Brass with wood lugs, live video

    Clip of my kit using my home built Brass snare and my re done masterworks frankenkit. Nice laid back tune, no drumming heroism. Just proud of the ballsy bottom heavy snare sound and the Kickbutt rim click. The snare has an Aquarian focus head, wide open. Camera is 20 feet behind the PA, so it is...
  19. uniongoon

    Outdoor photo shoot

    Took a couple hours to set my kit up on my deck along with my finished and not quite finished snares. For those of you who have not seen my previous build threads, the kit is a Pearl Masterworks drumkit which I bought piece by piece in various colours. 8,10,12,14,14 ans 22. The chrome was powder...
  20. uniongoon


    I figure Death Metal Conga will chime in here. I bought 4 or 5 boards, was told by my lumber supply that it was South American Tigerwood. I got motivated to do a snare on Sunday. First I cut a block off the end, about 6X10 inches. I filled the kitchen sink and dropped it in . BANG, it sank like...