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  1. gaz farrimond

    Recommended reading

    An excellent article from Mike and I'd suggest everyone read it. I love this sort of thing, it shows that you can have success without fame: There are so many successful working drummers out there, who hardly anyone knows the name of, but have definitely heard play.
  2. gaz farrimond

    Now THIS really appeals to...

    ... my sense of humour: :-)
  3. gaz farrimond

    Blatant movie plug. DREDD

    Dredd is released on Jan 14th. The only movie I have watched TWICE at the cinema since The Land That Time Forgot. Rent ot buy, an excellent 'take brain out and just go with the ride' movie.
  4. gaz farrimond

    Ozzy Osbourne International...

    ... Airport. Now, that would be cool!!!!!!!
  5. gaz farrimond


    The Jets have had their van and all equipment stolen in Northampton. White Mercedes Sprinter, reg number is PN09 WKG. If anyone has any information, please contact Northampton police. The band are still honouring their upcoming gigs.
  6. gaz farrimond


    ... The Waterboarders website has been updated. Only taken three months.
  7. gaz farrimond

    Calling SoCalMike...

    The plate will get it's first live outing at two festivals next weekend; unfortunately not on the twin kick monster but on a kit for a Surf Rock dep I am doing. I set the kit up in the yard to get the set up right and thought I'd take a couple of snaps. I'll try and get some stage shots...
  8. gaz farrimond

    A big thanks to...

    ... SoCalMike. Two very nice blanking plates arrived with this afternoons post. Once my relocation south is done, I'll get images of the plates fitted.